Vermont plans to start single payer health care in 2017

Vermont is planning to start a single payer health care system in 2017.

I support states’ rights, and I don’t live in Vermont, so I don’t have anything against Vermont doing this.

I view this the way a scientist views an experiment. I’m curious to see how it turns out.

Will Vermont stick to its plan, or will they chicken out?

Will the federal government allow it to happen, or try to block it?

Will patients’ access to health care get better, worse, or stay the same?

Will the number of doctors per person in Vermont get bigger, smaller, or stay the same?

Will costs go up, down, or stay the same?

Will politicians, celebrities, and rich people participate in it, or will they find some way to get exemptions?

Only time will tell. And I am quite curious to find out.



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  1. BGills replied:

    This is how our government is suppose to work. Individual states VOTE to experiment with with what they believe will best serve their needs. If this new system offers greater benefit then costs, is fiscally sustainable,(Not A Burden or Subsidized by Other States) and most problems can be worked out to the satisfaction of the vast majority of that states taxpayers…
    Then, and only then, each State would follow the example. If something is truly the best deal possible, people will flock to it, and there would be no need to manipulate numbers, and misrepresent benefits, in an attempt to force it upon the people of a nation.

  2. Dan replied:

    The issue of states rights aside the “single payer system” historically is a bust. Without market competition costs ALWAYS rise, services ALWAYS decline and the best and brightest flee to more lucrative arenas leaving behind the worst….essentially those who practice medicine using a rubber chicken and some beads. All you have to do is look at England, Canada and most other countries with “single payer” systems…..i.e. government controlled systems…. The wealthy and smart from ALL those places tend to come HERE to America for care. There is…or at least was….a reason for them coming here. Soon that reason will be destroyed.

  3. Eric Lund replied:

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  4. Eric Lund replied:

    New Obama lie, fraud.

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