Obama secretly gave military equipment to Russia after Russia invaded Ukraine

Judicial Watch reports that the Obama administration had secretly given military equipment to Russia after Russia invaded Ukraine.

I wonder what makes Obama’s supporters happier –  the fact that he gave Russia this military aid after it invaded Ukraine, or the fact that he kept it a secret.

Of course if a Republican president did this, the so-called “peace activists” and “anti-war activists” would be livid with protest. But since Obama is a Democrat, they don’t mind at all. I’m sure they’d happily elect him for a third term if he wasn’t term limited by the Constitution.


April 13, 2014. Tags: , , , , , . Barack Obama, Military, Politics.


  1. Constitution Believer replied:

    Dan I hate to be the one to inform you of this but Obama can change that Constitution with the swipe of a pen. I believe he has that much power and he knows it.
    For the first time in my 70 years on this earth and in this Country I DO…NOT…FEEL…SAFE especially with Obama at the helm.
    If his supporters want to remain brainwashed and believe in his crap that is their business sooner or later as the old saying goes….WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

  2. AWC replied:

    @ Constitution Beliver
    I wish I had the same faith in that karma as you do. I think when it does come around, those responsible will have long gotten out of its way, and only those who saw it coming, and the lemmings that brought it to us, will be left to be mowed down.

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