Obama orders high school to undo improvements that parents made to bleachers

Uh uh. Too many parents decided to do something to improve the bleachers at their children’s school. Better cancel the improvements, and bring things back to the lowest common denominator. Who needs improvements anyway?

The Daily Caller Reports:

Equality! DOJ says boys’ baseball field is nicer than girls’ field, must die

The U.S. Department of Justice determined that a Michigan high school broke federal civil rights law by allowing its boys’ baseball team to fix up its athletic field, making it nicer than the field belonging to the girls’ softball team–even though the improvements were paid for privately.

To avoid a fine, Plymouth Canton Community Schools had no choice but to take down the new bleachers and scoreboard, which had been paid for through a private fundraising drive.

Six years ago, parents complained that the seating at boys’ baseball games was inadequate.

“It’s hard to watch the game through the black chain link face, so we created our seating deck to sit above,” said parent Dan Gilbert in an interview with FOX 2 news.

Gilbert and other parents installed and paid for the new seats themselves. They were put in years ago. The parents also bought a new scoreboard.

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  1. poetopoet replied:

    Ebonics is not cause or a cure but a curse.

  2. John M replied:

    Not surprising – it’s the same approach to poverty. The objective isn’t to improve the lot of the poor; it’s to bring everyone else down to that level. (Except for the well-connected elite, of course.)

  3. hmichaelh replied:

    One more example of Government regulating something they have no business being involved. Why didn’t the Government demand that the parents of the girls fix their field up to be as good as the one used by the boys?

  4. Constitution Believer replied:

    The living God has spoken and he does not like things to be “CHANGED” without his approval. Remember we are speaking of Barack Obama. The only president that can lie to the world including the Pope and get away with it.
    Some one better put this b*st*rd out of his misery before he does anymore damage to this country.
    Hell at this point of the game I would have much rather put up with the carp form Ron Paul.

  5. Tom Levier replied:

    That’s pathetic and sad.

  6. GGB replied:

    Welcome to the USSA, no longer home of the free and land of the brave, but home of the lowest common denominator.

  7. Bruce Scheer replied:

    Who brought the case to the DOJ? Details are missing in this story. It starts with Obama orders—-but who complained? Or was a DOJ dude driving by the fields and said “what’s up with that?”
    Journalism is investigation.

    • Constitution Believer replied:

      Journalism is a pain in the butt and has been known on many occasions to be more of a hindrance then a help.
      It has been known on many occasions to cause people to die because ”THE PUBLIC HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW” and then the information they have is at lest 90% of the time to be known as UNRELIABLE. So sir please do not give me this bullcrap you are trying to dish out.

  8. Constitution Believer replied:

    Would you like to see a list of 284,00plus educators in the Illinois area where the wages range between $880,422 for a supervisor at Oak Lawn Community High school in Oak Lawn IL to and elementary substitute teacher at Bardwell Elementary School making $95.00 a month Aurora IL.
    Then in Toledo Ohio a student teacher at one of the schools making $7.00 per month to a Superintendent making $219553 per year
    So anytime you want to view the list of both just send me an email and I will be ever so glad to send the lists.
    Pathetic and sad I am sorry does not even cover the words I am thinking or have used for this issue.
    There are far to many ladies and gentlemen that read this.

    • FocusOnFacts replied:

      What is “284,00plus”. Also, why did you pick student teachers and substitute teachers for comparison that have highly-variable hours, as low as one hour a month. Can you provide relevant data, please? Thanks.

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