Marco Rubio explains that Venezuela is turning into a Cuban-style dictatorship

In this excellent 14 minute speech, Marco Rubio explains that Venezuela is turning into a Cuban-style dictatorship.

He asks what good is Cuba’s high literacy rate if the government prevents the people from reading the things that they want to read.

He asks what good is Cuba’s medical care if doctors can make more money from driving a taxi than from working as a doctor.

He asks why, if Cuba is as great as its supporters in the U.S. say it is, do so many refugees, doctors, and baseball players flee Cuba for the United States, instead of it being the other way around.

He says the reason Venezuela has a shortage of toiler paper is because communism doesn’t work.

He talks about the arrests and censorship of protestors in Venezuela.

He argues for a U.S. embargo against Venezuela, which is the only thing he says that I don’t see agree with. I think an embargo would hurt the people of Venezuela, and would make it easier for their government to censor and oppress them. I also oppose the U.S. embargo against Cuba. I think the U.S. should offer citizenship to every anti-communist citizen of Venezuela and Cuba. I think we should send lots of large ships to Cuba every day and bring back every Cuban citizen who wishes to live in the U.S. After a few months, Castro wouldn’t have anyone to rule over, because everyone would have left the country.

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  1. Jeff replied:

    Excellent reasoning… agree 100%. Why didnt the US think of this years ago ?

  2. SpaceyStacy replied:

    I have to say that I totally, completely, unequivocally disagree with you on this one. Live in south Florida for a few years and I’ll bet you change your mind ! We need to stop all immigration for at least a decade ! We’re full up, NO VACANCY !!!! No more third world immigrants coming here and totally changing the character of the US !!!
    The people living under repressive / communist regimes should rise up and overthrow their “masters”. They should not get a free pass to the US
    Let me hear your answer to this hypothetical scenario…. Obama doesn’t relinquish power at the end of his term and the country becomes full bore communist. Those who voted for him whine and moan about what the country has become. Canada offers them free passage and citizenship. Would you not think they should stay and suffer what they wrought, or man up & overthrow the “messiah” they voted into office rather than be given an out ?
    Granted, not everyone in Venezuela voted for the commies, but i’ll bet a lot did (and yes I know, their elections are rigged worse than ours). The people who really want to be free, will find a way to either overthrow the commies or escape on their own to a neighboring country.

    Now maybe if there was a way to swap those in Cuba & Venezuela who truly desire freedom and the opportunity to work hard and make a good life for themselves, for for the lowlifes here who voted for obama and just want freebies and don’t want to work for anything, I might reconsider.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      No, I do not think Canada should allow Obama voters to become Canadian citizens.

      This is what I said: “I think the U.S. should offer citizenship to every anti-communist citizen of Venezuela and Cuba.”

      So in your scenario, Canada should allow the anti-Obama people to become Canadian citizens, not the pro-Obama people.

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