Obama claims he never said he wanted to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”

Five days before the 2008 election, Obama said:

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

You can see and hear him saying those exact words in this video:


However, on February 2, 2014, Obama told Bill O’Reilly that he never said those words. Here is the transcript from the interview:

O’Reilly: OK. I got a letter from Kathy LaMaster, Fresno, California. I said I would read one letter from the folks, all right?

Obama: All right.

O’Reilly: “Mr. President, why do you feel it’s necessary to fundamentally transform the nation that has afforded you so much opportunity and success?”

Obama: I don’t think we have to fundamentally transform the nation.

O’Reilly: But those are your words.

So even though it’s on video that he said it, and even though his words have been widely quoted in many sources for years, he still insists that he never said it.

What does Obama’s denial say about his moral character? What can we say about someone who lies so casually about something which is so obviously false?

And what does it say about Obama’s estimation of the level of intelligence of the people to whom he is speaking? Does Obama really believe that people are so dumb that they would believe such an obvious lie?

This lie from Obama reminds me of George Orwell’s novel 1984, where the government was always rewriting history. But the difference is that in the book, every transcript and every video would have been edited to erase Obama’s remarks, whereas in real life, Obama does not have the ability to edit all of the transcripts and videos that are in existence. Orwell wrongly assumed that the government would be able to do this. But in reality, the government is a lot more like the idiotic, incompetent bureaucracy that’s shown in the movie Brazil.

I know a lot of highly intelligent people who voted for Obama. And even after he told huge numbers of lies during his first term, these highly intelligent people voted for Obama in his second election. I don’t think I will ever understand why such highly intelligent people voted for someone who is such an obvious pathological liar.

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  1. woohoo@nym.hush.com replied:

    1. Because Obama helps them fill a void in their logic, heart, reasoning, etc. that fills a minority quota for the presidency, while giving away the farm, breaking laws, harassing conservatives, killing a few guys in Benghazi, etc.

    2. Because the things listed in #1 are easy for these types of folks to overlook, based upon their *own* lapses in judgment, reasoning, and character of course.

    3. Because they are not NEARLY as smart as they seem to be!

    4. Because folks like that (yes I know who you mean) spend an inordinate amount of time and energy just trying to keep up their image as ‘smart’. Apparently, sometimes, it works.

  2. Constitution Believer replied:

    IMMHO Obama’s main objective as president was to destroy the United States because of what the United States did to his people in the past.
    One thing for sure Obama does not believe in leaving things in the past.
    He says one thing one day and a week later he says something totally different.
    I remember him one time saying he didn’t believe in same sex marriages, BANG a week later he is supporting it…but then during that week his ratings dropped drastically.
    Also remember him saying he was against immigration reform several weeks later he supports it 100%
    The man flip flops more times then the game on the Price Is Right.
    What is most important is that people are going to remember him most for is his forcing of healthcare on people that don’t want it. Forcing employers to give healthcare to their employes, and those same employers cutting the hours of their employees within federal standards.
    Bottom line is Obama is the primary star of his own movie “THE HUSTLER”

  3. The Machine replied:

    Intelligence level has nothing to do with whether one’s choice is to do good or to do evil.

    • Constitution Believer replied:

      Sir, I cannot disagree with you on this one.
      Funny part about it believe it or not it is more fact then fiction about ones intelligence.
      It is a known fact that Obama is a very intelligent man, however with the idiots that he has around him I feel he is more of a follower then a leader.
      I don’t like the man never did since the first time I seen him on that stage fingers interlaced staring out in the corn field on his way to lala land.
      I firmly believe that if you are a true American patriot you will stand there with your hand over your heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance and do it without even thinking. It is instilled in every true American to stand and respect the flag and the pledge.
      He never has and has proved his dislike many times.
      At the end of each of his speeches he always ends with AND GOD BLESS AMERICA…however I don’t feel his respects.
      Intelligence yes, loyalty not a snowballs chance in hell.

      • C S Buck replied:

        ” …he is more of a follower then a leader.”What? It is obvious you are not paying attention. He has given his buddies & donors the jobs around him. People who know little or nothing about the job.
        He is known to meet with advisers to hear what they think, then ignore everything they say. Obozo is smart enough to know how, & who to lie to, to get the support he needs, & then do the opposite.

  4. Steve replied:

    He and his supporters are flat-out communists. Anyone over 55 should remember what communists do. They will lie, cheat, steal and kill, without remorse, to achieve the communist centralized state government. That’s all. It’s simple. Their ends justify their means. The problem we have is that the Republicans and Democrats are all on the same page, which is rapid implementation of the new communist manifesto known as U.N. Agenda 21 signed by Bush 1 in 1992. It designed to save the planet from the polluting overpopulation. At the western lifestyle, only 1 billion can be sustained by the biosphere …. 5-6 billion if we go back to horse (or human) and buggy days, pre-industrial. That depopulation must happen well before 2050 or we all fry from global warming. See Un commissioned Global Biodiversity Assessment Report (Heywood & Watson, 1995) and annual updates. A great culling has to happen, they have concluded. It is the only way. Good luck, comrades.

    • Constitution Believer replied:

      And Steve you have people like James and Fred here that feel we are wrong that we have no clue what we are doing.
      One wants to cite law as being cited in the United States Code but fails to quote that law. Obviously he is not privy to that code probably for fear there is someone in this group that knows something about the law that can also cite it.
      Then we have another that tries his best to be a blathering idiot with his poor attempt to act like an uneducated person from the ghetto letting the reader take time away from what he is doing to try and decipher what he is uttering.
      Then along comes people such as yourself that has intelligence and actually tells the truth as he sees it.
      Sadly the many questions that James and Fred want answered cannot as I can only assume that the author Dan was not there to witness personally the bull that Obama has reiterated.
      I guess liberals do not have the capability of checking things for themselves but would rather have others do for them so they can take the credit.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Actually, Steve, the world can give a first world standard of living to all seven billion people. I wrote about that in this post some time ago:


      • Constitution Believer replied:

        Dan I firmly believe in my heart that Obama is part of the NEW WORLD ORDER and is trying to become another Fidel Castro.
        Of course that is just my opinion.

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