Obama has just made yet another illegal change to Obamacare

Like many of his other changes to Obamacare, Obama made this change without it being being approved by Congress, which is illegal.

The New York Times reports:

The “employer mandate,” which was originally supposed to take effect last month, had already been delayed to Jan. 1, 2015, and now the administration says that employers with 50 to 99 employees will not have to comply until 2016 — allowing Democrats to placate business concerns and pushing the issue well beyond this year’s midterm elections.

In addition, the administration said the requirement would be put into effect gradually for employers with 100 or more employees. Employers in this category will need to offer coverage to 70 percent of full-time employees in 2015 and 95 percent in 2016 and later years, or they will be subject to tax penalties.

Obama is a graduate of Harvard law school. In addition, he taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Clearly, he must know that this change to Obamacare, as well as the others that he made without approval from Congress, are a violation of the Presidential oath that he took. And yet he made these changes anyway. His actions are grounds for impeachment.

If the next Republican president decided, without approval from Congress, to give everyone a permanent waiver from Obamacare, how could Democrats seriously argue against it, when they never criticized Obama for repeatedly changing Obamacare without approval from Congress?


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  1. BGills replied:

    Obama is unquestionably setting a precedent for dictatorial rule by executive order, or Presidential decree.
    He is merely following through on his promises, or threat, to fundamentally transform this country. A claim, by the way, he recently denied in an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, during this years Superbowl, despite video evidence to the contrary.
    You simply can’t pry the truth from any of these people, regardless the number of irrefutable facts, or even faced with overwhelming video evidence.. ” I never said that.” has become the refrain of this administration, and if lying fails to work, amnesia seems to be a fallback position reserved for congressional investigation, or criminal inquiry.
    In either case, Pathological liars, or amnesiacs, probably aren’t the wisest choice of elected officials our nation could make.

  2. woohoo@nym.hush.com replied:

    Yeah it is truly pathological how many lies there are, how obvious it is that they are in fact lies, and yet how many people openly defend and object to the obvious pointing out of the truth.

    If the shoe was on the other foot, all of a sudden the dhimmicrats would ‘get objectivitiy’. They would see all of the lies for what they are. And if they needed to make a few up that aren’t there, that would be ok too. It would be just like election time for them.

    How to enforce people to be honest and objective and leave their ideologies behind and just play fair, seems impossible in today’s climate. When people learn to throw this party crap in the garbage and do the right thing for the COUNTRY, only then will we make true steps forward.

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