I disagree with the claim that heroin in Pittsburgh is a “major public health crisis.”

In the past week, at least 17 people in Allegheny and surrounding counties died from using heroin. Allegheny County medical examiner Karl Williams called it “a major public health crisis.”

I disagree with his claim that this is a “major public health crisis.” It’s not contagious. It’s not catchy. It’s not genetic. It is 100% completely, totally avoidable. So there is no “major public health crisis.”

This is a crisis, but it is a crisis of a very different kind. It is a crisis of bad decision making. It is a crisis of irresponsible behavior. It is a crisis of stupidity.

January 27, 2014. Tags: , . Pittsburgh.


  1. HMichael Hawkins replied:

    Once again, I must agree with you 100%. I can remember a speech given by the body guard of the Director of the CIA at an assembly at my graduate school in 1980. His name was “Ace Hill”, and he had been a Washington, DC Police detective before moving to protect the Director. His initial claim was, “I can solve the drug problem in the City of Washington in one night!” His solution was to put pure heroin on the street for the addicts (after a publicity campaign to warn everyone what was to be done,) which would kill the addicts, who were using much less potent drugs. But, of course, the Liberals and moralists of the Country would hear no such thing. It was better to let the drug addicts kill themselves over a long period of time, and at great expense to the sober citizens who were not drug addicts.

  2. zj replied:

    In media, everything seems to be a crisis. The media continues to sensationalize, trivialize and otherwise manipulate the meaning of words.

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