Justine Sacco was fired because she told the politically incorrect, accurate truth about AIDS

A company called InterActiveCorp just fired empoyee Justine Sacco because she tweeted the following:

“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Before Sacco made that tweet, The New York Times reported:

“The rate of AIDS among black women is 27 times the rate among white women.”

This is precisely why math is the most politically incorrect academic subject. No matter how much the radical left wants to see “racism” where none exists – no matter how much they claim to be “offended” when there is no rational reason to be offended – no matter how many temper tantrums they throw – you can’t argue against the math. The math will always win.

If the radical left insists on about getting mad at someone for the AIDS problem, they have chosen the wrong target. It’s not Sacco’s fault that anyone has AIDS. If the radical left really wants to get mad at someone over the AIDS problem, then why don’t they get mad at the people who are actually spreading AIDS?

December 21, 2013. Tags: , , , , , , , . Health care, Math, Racism.


  1. GOPTurdsDontKnowCrap replied:

    Please, step away from your keyboard; you are an idiot.

    • WillfullyIgnorantLiberal replied:

      Go fuck yourself.

  2. THOMAS J. STRATFORD replied:

    Yes we all know the Black animals in Africa, like here love to rape, especially white women, and the black feral animals in Africa are infested with AIDS.

  3. HMichaelH replied:

    Your post about the irrefutably of the Math is exactly correct. And look at the morons who have commented on what you had to say. Not one of them addressed the issue you presented. More than likely, none of them have the intellectual capacity to understand the written word when used in a paragraph, and they clearly have no comprehension of Math. Why else would they only present an “ad hominem” attack on you? They have nothing of substance to say, and only are able to utter the words their mothers taught them.

    Your presentation if absolutely accurate and well presented. Keep up the good work. And I’m sorry for this woman who has lost her job. But things could be worse. She could live in Africa, and be a Negro woman with A.I.D.S. Hopefully, she will have even better opportunities in her life.

  4. AWC replied:

    HMichaelH has got it right. Most of the liberal rebuttals to me are invective assaults which avoid the subject. I can think of no mind as devoid of logic and reason as a truly Liberal one. To confront them with facts is to invite vacuous verbal sodomy.

    I believe I was listening to Tom Woods or Peter Schiff the other day, and the topic involved a Liberal group outraged at how cab drivers in a particular city (and probably most cities) avoid picking up young black men, preferring black women, white people both young and old, male and female, and other non-blacks instead.

    Oh the outrage from the Left! Oh the inhumanity. It mattered little that these cab drives, both white AND BLACK, were using reason, and acting rationally, by simply being aware of the FACT that most crime, including the robbing of cab drivers, was being done by young, black men. The Liberals were OUTRAGED that the cab drivers were using MATH..and LOGIC…to protect themselves from violence in making this choice, which is called freedom, a word used so infrequently nowadays I wonder if one day it will no longer be in the dictionary.

    So what would the Liberal solution to this be? Of course they have none. They simply scream the banshee cry of the racist hounds but offer up nothing to solve the problem, because they know the solution would only mean that they prefer cab drivers to be mugged, robbed and possibly murdered in the name of equal treatment or to admit that young black men in this city are in fact statistically more dangerous to cab drivers.

    Since the first admission would label them as sadistic trolls and the second would force them to side with logic and reason; they simply find both repugnant and must instead avoid the issue entirely by bringing to bear the only weapon they have – a full broadside of cannons firing four letter expletives; their cotton cannonballs.

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