Obamacare gives married couples an annual tax of up to $11,028 for being married instead of single

In front of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Obama administration argued that Obamacare is a tax.

According to the Obamacare calulator, Obamacare places an annual tax on married couples for being married instead of single. The amount of this tax depends upon the ages, incomes, and parental status of the married couple.

According to the Obamacare calculator, the extreme case of this tax occurs with a 60-year-old married couple with no children, where the two spouses have identical incomes totaling $62,041 per year. Under this scenario, according to the Obamacare calculator, Obamacare gives them an annual tax of $11,028 for being married instead of single.

September 26, 2013. Tags: , , , , , . Economics, Health care.

One Comment

  1. Uncle Vladdi replied:

    I heard tell the amoebama administraton argued that abomocare was NOT a tax, but judge John Retards, being the ever-helpful sot of person he is, helped them to re-write it on the spot AS at tax, adding words and phrases to it the legislators had never intended. I’m sure legislating is part of the duties of a judge, although I’m also pretty sure there’s absolutely no historical precedent for such unjustly abominable extra-jurisdictional behaviors.

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