Shaniqua Davis, it’s not McDonald’s fault that you chose to become an unmarried, teenage mother

By Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)

August 29, 2013

Recently, McDonald’s employees have been going on strike to try to get paid $15 an hour. Associated Press reports:

Shaniqua Davis, 20, lives in the Bronx with her boyfriend, who is unemployed, and their 1-year-old daughter. Davis has worked at a McDonald’s a few blocks from her apartment for the past three months, earning $7.25 an hour. Her schedule varies, but she never gets close to 40 hours a week. “Forty? Never. They refuse to let you get to that (many) hours.”

Her weekly paycheck is $150 or much lower. “One of my paychecks, I only got $71 on there. So I wasn’t able to do much with that. My daughter needs stuff, I need to get stuff for my apartment,” said Davis, who plans to take part in the strike Thursday.

She pays the rent with public assistance but struggles to afford food, diapers, subway and taxi fares, cable TV and other expenses with her paycheck.

“It’s really hard,” she said. “If I didn’t have public assistance to help me out, I think I would have been out on the street already with the money I make at McDonald’s.”

So, Shaniqua Davis says that it’s “really hard” to take care of a baby on what McDonald’s pays.

She’s right.

So why did she try to do such a thing in the first place?

Why did she choose to become an unmarried teenage mother?

Whatever her reasons were, it’s not McDonald’s fault.

Of course you can’t raise a family on what McDonald’s pays its cashiers. But that kind of job was never intended to be for people who are trying to raise a family. Instead, that kind of job is supposed to be for a teenager trying to get money to pay for the prom, or for a student who is working their way through college.

And what is this nonsense of having a baby out of wedlock, and then being surprised as how hard it is? Of course it’s hard. That’s why the institution of marriage has existed, in every society, all over the world, for thousands of years.

The article also says that Ms. Davis “struggles” to pay for her cable TV. This just shows how much things have changed in this country. In the past, being poor meant that you couldn’t get 2,000 calories per day, or that you didn’t have indoor plumbing, or that your roof leaked. But now, being poor means that you have difficulty paying for cable TV. My, how things have changed.

Ms. Davis and the other strikers want to get paid $15 an hour, but they don’t want to acquire the education and job skills that would justify such a salary. McDonald’s already pays some of its employees more than $15 an hour, such as its accountants, lawyers, and computer programmers. Those employees didn’t get those higher wages by going on strike. Instead, they got those higher wages by putting in the time and effort to acquire the education and job skills that justify those higher wages. Ms. Davis and the other strikers want higher wages, but they don’t want to provide anything in exchange for the extra pay.

What would happen if the government did require McDonald’s to pay all of its employees $15 an hour? One possibility is that McDonald’s would only hire people who had a college degree. If that were to be the case, Ms. Davis would end up getting paid nothing. Another possibility is that McDonald’s would replace its human workers with robots and self-serve checkouts. And again, if that were to be the case, Ms. Davis would end up getting paid nothing.

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  1. Paula-LiveFreeorDie (@ProudNannyof3) replied:

    Choices have consequences. Perhaps that is what we should be teaching in schools these days rather than “sex ed” which OBVIOUSLY isn’t working!…It’s certainly not being taught in many homes.

  2. BGills replied:

    Be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you!

  3. The Overman replied:

    Socialism through captalism. Pay an extra buck for a Big Mac so Shaniqua can raise her two illegitimate kids, while the two baby’s-daddies do time in prison. What a country.

  4. John Doe replied:

    Fast food workers demanding 15 dollars an hour? What a joke.

    Tell me, why should I have to pay taxes to support the welfare state? Why should I HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKES???

    If you cannot afford to have children, THEN DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!

    Sterilize all people on welfare. Problem solved immediately.

    • jackdeth72 replied:

      Memo to Ms. Davis:

      McDonald’s corporation is NOT responsible for the embarrassing mistakes in your life!

  5. gary ritchie replied:

    In the bomming economy I was making in the high 5 figure income level. After the housing crash and finanticial rape we all faced I was forced to take a job that pays less than 15 an hour and learn to live on what I make and IT IS A JOB THAT REQUIRES KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. Not a job the avarage joe can do. Why should a fry cook or a dishwasher make more than me. Get over it. I will bet that the ones who are pushing this are also B.O. supporters who think the world owes them something. When I can actually afford to go to a fast food restrauant I notice almost every time that the person taking my order has NOOOOOOO HUMAN experience and has no business working for the public. WHY SHOULD THEY GET PAID MORE THAN AN EDUCATED PERSON WHO IS LIVING THE LIFE OF OBAMONOMICS. I’M JEST SAYING

  6. jackdeth72 replied:

    Memo to McDonald’s franchise holders:

    Let your employees strike.

    Hand each one a pink slip and announce that they have been fired.

    Then have contracted security monitor the doors and begin hiring new employees.

  7. Debra Vitale replied:

    If she started making $15 per hour, she would probably lose public assistance for rent.

  8. jan replied:

    I think Jackdeth has a great idea, Mcdonalds don’t give in to these fools. I worked hard for 45 years and I guarentee I don’t even make min wage.

  9. shaniqua davis replied:

    Hi this is shaniqua davis from the news and i would like to say to everyone i only have one child and me and her father are still together and so quick to talk about me and put me down learn more about me first before u start making your comments and just because im not married doesn’t mean anything because i know God and God forgave me already

  10. Luke replied:

    Shaniqua, God only forgives you if you repent. That means leaving your state of sin. Have you done this? No. Therefore, you are not yet forgiven, and are headed to the bad place when you die.

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