Unions that praised “free stuff” from Obamacare are now claiming that it’s “too expensive”

Associated Press reports:

Some unions now angry about health care overhaul

Obama’s Affordable Care Act has added to that cost – for the unions’ and other plans – by requiring health plans to cover dependents up to age 26, eliminate annual or lifetime coverage limits and extend coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

When the unions were trying to help pass Obamacare, they said that those were good things. Coverage for children up to age 26! No lifetime limits on benefits! Coverage for pre-existing conditions! Yippee!

But now they are complaining that it will raise the cost of insurance?

Well, duh!

Did they really believe that those things were going to be “free”?

As time goes on, I am sensing more and more hypocrisy from the supporters of Obamacare.

Here are some previous examples:

Obamacare supporters are shocked that its opponents’ predictions of job destruction are coming true

Obamacare forces union to drop health insurance for children of more than 30,000 of its members

Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, John Kerry, and 15 other Democratic hypocrites ask for delay in Obamacare tax that they themselves voted for!

Obamacare is encouraging restaurants to replace full time jobs with part time jobs

May 25, 2013. Tags: , , , , , , . Health care, Politics, Unions.

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