After hundreds of cars get torched, Swedish government punishes victims instead of criminals

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Car owners whose auto was torched during immigrant rioting aren’t getting sympathy from local officials… They’re getting tickets. The police chose to “wait” and “not to intervene” when the gangs burned cars. But those car owners who could not move their burnt-out wrecks, however, were fined.

Rioting continued for the sixth straight night last night.

The actions of the police are worse than the actions of the arsonists. It’s the job of the police to protect the innocent. The fact that police have chosen not go after the bad guys is reprehensible. The fact that the police are giving tickets to the victims goes beyond any words that I can think of to describe their actions.

In any kind of situation like this, you have to take sides. The Swedish government has decided to side with the criminals instead of with the victims. What this basically means is that Sweden is no longer a civilized country. It has been taken over by thugs and barbarians, and the government has decided to side with those thugs and barbarians.

Contrast this to Singapore, where people who vandalize cars get the punishment that they deserve.

May 25, 2013. Tags: , , . Politics.

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