Texas school expels 13-year-old because he stood up to a bully

ABC News reports:

A Texas dad who recently returned from a year in Afghanistan spent his time at home picketing his son’s middle school after the teen was sent to another school for standing up to a bully he says had been harassing him for years.

Randy Duke, who trains police officers in Afghanistan, has found himself spending his days back in Victoria, Texas, wedged between two pieces of poster board with the phrase “BULLYING VICTIMS ARE PUNISHED HERE” emblazoned on each side. The 48-year-old dad spent hours each day wearing the signs and picketing outside of Cade Middle School.

“The school administration assessed the situation, and gave what I believe was a harsh punishment,” Duke told ABC News. “They looked at this as a fight — which it was not. Had it been, in-school suspension would be an appropriate punishment.”

Duke’s 13-year-old son Max said he hit his breaking point after another student stomped on one of the expert paper airplanes Max had made and given to a classmate with special needs.

“My son said, ‘why would you do that?’ and the kid shoved my son. Max shoved back, and an altercation continued,” Duke said. “Max has been working hard to stay away from him, since he had been confronted by him and other kids before. They would use racial slurs – saying ‘we don’t like you because you’re white.'”

Accodring to Duke, a teacher said both Max and the other teen were able to get blows in. After the fight was broken up, Max was subjected to the school’s policy on fights within the school — a two-day suspension, after which he was sent to Victoria’s Mitchell Guidance Center – an alternate school where students are sent through metal detectors, given pat-downs before entering and even have their fingernails checked.

So, after the school refused to protect this innocent student from a bully, the kid stood up for himself. For defending himself, he was suspended for two days, expelled, and sent to an alternative school for violent thugs that has metal detectors and patdowns.

This is horrible. The people in charge of his original school are evil.

October 16, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , . Education.

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  1. Hunter replied:

    The parent should sue the schoolo. The administrator is a total incompetent who shoudn’t even be allowed in dog training school. The one thing these school administrators understand ins money. Losing a big fat law suit makes these incompetents think twice. One swchool I will nogt mention, lost a big suit, lost again on appeal. The size of the suit aeward was such, that programs had to be cut; kids only had math, science, English and history. Spanish, music, art and spots had to be cut because of no money after losing millions in auit.

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