Oh boy – just what I always wanted! 57 rules for looking good in a $10,000 men’s suit!

The Yahoo! homepage recently featured this article called “The complete guide to suits: 57 rules of style.” It states:

Rule #7

Some think three-pieces are stodgy, but when the waistcoat is cut close to the body and hemmed to the belt line, you’ll look slim and modern.

Rule #8

Your tie bar should never be wider than your tie.

Rule #9

The difference between classic and cliché is often in the material. The timeless appeal of this gray suit begins with its super-luxe cashmere wool.

Suit ($9,900) by Brioni. Shirt ($145) by BOSS Black. Tie ($225) by Isaia. Tie bar ($70) by Paul Stuart. Pocket square ($75) by Polo Ralph Lauren. Shoes ($1,015) by Hermès.

Ah yes – how wonderful! Sure, it’s more than what I pay for rent in an entire year, but who needs a place to live when I can look like the model in this picture?

Of course I’m also gonna need a watch. Unfortunately, this article doesn’t give instructions on how to wear the $13 watch that I bought at Target. So I guess I’m gonna have to buy one of these instead:

The article gives us the following information on those watches:


Don’t drag down your outfit with a substandard timepiece—find one that shows you’re fully invested in every last detail of your appearance.

Rule #52

White face, gold indices, brown leather strap—you can’t go wrong.
Movado ($795)

Rule #53

Oversize, elegantly designed numerals add some panache.
Panerai ($39,800)

Rule #54

A tank watch, marked by its rectangular shape, spells refinement.
Cartier ($14,200)

Rule #55

An all-black timepiece is a great match for a solid-black or gray suit.
Bell & Ross ($4,600)

Rule #56

A watch your grandfather could have worn will look just as great on you.
Omega ($6,800)

Rule #57

You can wear a chronograph with a suit if it’s simple.
TAG Heuer ($5,100)

Ooh! That $39,800 Panerai looks good. Who needs to eat for the next decade? Maybe by then I’ll end up looking as skinny as the model, which would be an added bonus!

I’m so grateful for this article – now my life is everything I always wanted it to be!

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