Here are some of the dumbest contestants from “Wheel of Fortune”

Let’s start out with this one. Even when almost all the letters are visible, the answer is still too top secret for some people to know what it is:

In this next one, I really have to wonder what kind of childhood this person must have had. It’s a basic part of childhood to learn about this kind of thing. If he doesn’t know what this is, it makes me wonder what else he missed out on learning about:

Just like the previous one, here’s a contestant whose ignorance of the most common and basic elements of fiction caused him to miss a puzzle:

With only two letters to go on an 18-letter puzzle, this contestant didn’t know what the puzzle was:

This one also has only two letters left on a 19-letter puzzle, but it’s even worse than the previous one, because this time there are two contestants who don’ t know it:

At the beginning of this next clip, there are only two letters left in a 27-word puzzle, and yet all three contestants manage to guess at least one letter which is not in the puzzle. Once again, there is a lack of familiarity with a common fictional story that any child should know. And keep watching after the puzzle is solved, because in the bonus round at the end, with only three letters left in a 14-word puzzle, the contestant can’t figure it out:

In this next one, there are only four letters left in a 37-word puzzle, but the contestant doesn’t know what it is. The answer to this puzzle is a very accurate description of how the contestant must have felt when they lost:

On the other hand, the show also has some amazingly brilliant people on it. Here’s a contestant who solves a 15-letter puzzle when only two letters are visible:

And here’s someone who’s even better than that, and solves a 27-word puzzle with only one letter visible. It’s a good thing that she announced that she was going to solve the puzzle before she said what it was, because if she hadn’t, they might have thought that she was just making a comment instead of actually solving the puzzle:


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