Government lab worker who conducted more than 60,000 drug tests deliberately botched many of them, sending many innocent suspects to prison

From Boston, Massachusetts, Associated Press reports:

A chemist accused of lying about drug samples she tested at a state lab could face additional charges as prosecutors and defense attorneys sift through thousands of criminal cases that could be upended by her actions.

Annie Dookhan, 34, of Franklin, was arrested Friday in a burgeoning investigation that has already led to the shutdown of the lab, the resignation of the state’s public health commissioner and the release of more than a dozen drug defendants.

Many more defendants are expected to be released….

State police say Dookhan tested more than 60,000 drug samples involving 34,000 defendants during her nine years at the Hinton State Laboratory Institute in Boston.

Oh my – that is terrible.

She did this for nine years? Didn’t anyone notice?

Actually, her supervisors did know about her incompetence – but they did not fire her. The article states:

Co-workers began expressing concern about Dookhan’s work habits several years ago, but her supervisors allowed her to continue working… One co-worker told state police he never saw Dookhan in front of a microscope. A lab employee saw Dookhan weighing drug samples without doing a balance check on her scale.

So her supervisors knew she was incompetent, but they refused to fire her. Her supervisors are just as guilty as she is. I hope they go to jail along with her.

The article continues:

Dookhan faces more than 20 years in prison on charges of obstruction of justice and falsely pretending to hold a degree from a college or university. She testified under oath that she holds a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, but school officials say they have no record of her receiving an advanced degree or taking graduate courses there.

20 years is nowhere near enough prison time. At minimum, she should have to spend at least as much time in prison as the combined total of all of the people whom she framed.

Also, why didn’t the person(s) who hired her check to verify her claim of having a master’s degree in chemistry?

The article says:

According to a state police report in August, Dookhan said she just wanted to get the work done and never meant to hurt anyone.

“Never meant to hurt anyone”?

Well that’s a big fat load of bantha pudu.

Every person in any kind of management position over this scumbag deserves to be in prison –  the people who hired her – the people who supervised her – all of them – every one deserves to be in prison.

September 29, 2012. Tags: , , , . War on drugs.

One Comment

  1. JoeThePimpernel replied:

    I guess the supervisors were satisfied with her work as long as she was getting convictions.

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