On the ACT, Chicago’s public school teachers did worse than Illinois’s high school students

The Daily Caller reports:

In Illinois, all high school juniors and seniors are required to take the ACT test, whether they plan to attend college or not. Public school teachers in Chicago who took the test when they were in high school averaged a score of 19 out of a possible 36 — which is worse than the average median score for all students nationwide.

In fact, Illinois students beat the teachers, scoring a 21 on average, though Chicago-area students only scored in the 17-18 range.

This is not a surprise to me., because I already knew that education majors had the lowest average SAT scores of any college major.

September 19, 2012. Tags: , , , , . Education.


  1. Frederick William Hacker replied:

    Having been back for an MBA, the one constant is that Ed majors are both stupid and Democrat, going in. It’s why, once I was in a position to, that I pulled my son out of public school.

    The article from CBS you redirect to has 7 lame excuses from Ed Majors about why the world should ignore primia facia evidence that they should be digging ditches, and not allowed anywhere near children much under 30.

  2. Lenore Hicks replied:

    dumb ’em down and then ” get out the vote “…..

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