Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism

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In the 2008 United States election, I wrote in Ron Paul for President. In the 2012 election, I will be voting for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. Those who are of a more leftist persuasion than myself might want to consider voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism:

1) Carried out military interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval

In June 2011, U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) said that Obama had violated the Constitution when he launched military operations in Libya without Congressional approval.

2) Gave a no-bid contract to Halliburton – just like Bush did

In May 2010, it was reported that the Obama administration had selected KBR, a former subsidiary of Halliburton, for a no-bid contract worth as much as $568 million through 2011 for military support services in Iraq, just hours after the Justice Department had said it would pursue a lawsuit accusing the Houston-based company of taking kickbacks from two subcontractors on Iraq-related work.

3) Has an administration full of lobbyists, after promising he wouldn’t have any

While running for President, Obama had promised that, unlike Bush, he would not have any lobbyists working in his administration. However, by February 2010, he had more than 40 lobbyists working in his administration.

4) Has close ties to Wall St., but pretends to support Occupy Wall St.

Although Obama claims to support the Occupy Wall St. movement, the truth is that he has raised more money from Wall St. than any other candidate during the last 20 years. In early 2012, Obama held a fundraiser where Wall St. investment bankers and hedge fund managers each paid $35,800 to attend. In October 2011, Obama hired Broderick Johnson, a longtime Wall Street lobbyist, to be his new senior campaign adviser. Johnson had worked as a lobbyist for JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Comcast, Microsoft, and the oil industry.

5) Allowed abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to become even worse than it was under Bush

Under President Obama, abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay became even worse than it had been under President Bush.

6) Supported the $700 billion TARP corporate-welfare bailout just like Bush

While Senator, Obama voted for the $700 billion TARP bank bailout bill. The bailout rewarded irresponsible and illegal behavior. It redirected resources from more productive uses to less productive uses. It punished the hard working taxpayers who had played by the rules and obeyed the law. It created horrible incentives, and sent the wrong message. The bailout was evil because it rewarded the bad people and punished the good people. No society that does this can expect to remain free or prosperous. Instead of bailing out these corrupt corporations, we should have let them cease to exist, like we did with Enron.

7) Waged the biggest war against medical marijuana of any president, which was the opposite of what he had promised

In May 2008, Obama campaign spokesperson Ben LaBolt said that Obama would end DEA raids on medical marijuana in states where it’s legal. Also in 2008, Obama said that he supported the “basic concept of using medical marijuana for the same purposes and with the same controls as other drugs” and that he was “not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws.”

However, in February 2010, DEA agents raided a medical marijuana grower in Highlands Ranch in Colorado, a state where medical marijuana is legal. Also in February 2010, DEA agents raided a medical marijuana dispensary in Culver City in California, a state where medical marijuana is legal. In July 2010, the DEA raided at least four medical marijuana growers in San Diego, California. Also in July 2010, the DEA raided a medical marijuana facility in Covelo, California. Then in September 2010, the DEA conducted raids on at least five medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, Nevada, where medical marijuana is legal. In 2011, the DEA conducted raids on medical marijuana in Seattle, Washington, West Hollywood, California, and Helena, Montana, all places where it is legal. In April 2012, the DEA carried out several raids on medical marijuana in Oakland, California.

In February 2012, Rolling Stone magazine wrote that Obama’s war against medical marijuana went “far beyond anything undertaken by George W. Bush.” In April 2012, Mother Jones magazine wrote: “The president campaigned on the promise that he’d stop federal raids on medical marijuana operations that were in compliance with state laws, a vow that Attorney General Eric Holder repeated after the election. But then the Obama administration raided more than 100 dispensaries in its first three years and is now poised to outpace the Bush administration’s crackdown record.” In May 2012, the Washington Post wrote: “Obama has become more hostile to medical marijuana patients than any president in U.S. history.” In May 2012, U.S. Congressperson Nancy Pelosi (D-California) said she had “strong concerns” about Obama’s forced closure of five medical marijuana facilities in Pelosi’s congressional district. In April 2012, commenting on Obama’s crackdown on medical marijuana, U.S. Congressman Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) said, “I’m very disappointed… They look more like the Bush administration than the Clinton administration.”

In July 2012, federal prosecutors filed civil forfeiture actions against  Harborside Health Center, a medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, CA, which claims to be the world’s largest, and which claims to serve more than 100,000 medical marijuana patients. In April 2012, federal agents raided Oaksterdam University, an educational institution in Oakland, CA, which teaches people about medical marijuana. In April 2012, federal agents raided a medical marijuana facility which had been serving 1,500 patients near Lake Elsinore, CA. In June 2012, the Obama administration filed asset-forfeiture lawsuits against two landlords who rented their buildings to medical marijuana stores in Santa Fe Springs, CA. The Obama administration also sent warning letters which threatened similar legal action to dozens of other, nearby landlords. During the first seven months of 2012, the DEA shut down 40 medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, all of which had been operating in compliance with state and local law.

In May 2012, ABC News reported that during Obama’s youth, he often smoked large quantities of recreational marijuana.  Obama’s marijuana smoking wasn’t even medical – it was recreational. And yet now, he is taking large scale, widespread action to prevent people with AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and other illnesses, who have prescriptions from their doctors, from using their prescription medicine – how cold hearted can a person be?

8) Nominated a tax cheater to enforce the tax laws

Obama nominated Timothy Geithner, a repeat tax cheater, to head the government agency that enforces the tax laws.

9) Gave tax dollars to AIG executives, then pretended to be outraged

Obama signed a stimulus bill that spent money on bonuses for AIG executives. Prior to signing this bill, Obama had said, “when I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.” However, after reading “line by line” and signing the stimulus bill that protected the AIG bonuses, Obama pretended to be shocked and outraged at the bonuses, and said, “Under these circumstances, it’s hard to understand how derivative traders at A.I.G. warranted any bonuses at all, much less $165 million in extra pay… How do they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat?” and also said that he would “pursue every single legal avenue to block these bonuses.”

10) Expanded Bush’s unconstitutional government faith based programs

Obama expanded the federal government’s faith based programs which had been started by President George W. Bush.

11) Supported Bush’s unconstitutional Patriot Act

In May 2011, Obama signed a renewal of the Patriot Act.

12) Increased the national debt more in one term than Bush did in two

The national debt increased more during Obama’s first three years and two months than it did during all eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency.

13) Agrees with Bush’s support of unconstitutional, indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without filing any charges

In December 2011, ACLU executive director Anthony D. Romero criticized Obama for signing a bill that gave the U.S. government the power to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without any charges being filed or any trial taking place.

14) Agrees with Bush’s support of unconstitutional, warrantless wiretapping

President Obama has defended warrantless wiretapping.

15) Avoided prosecution of Wall. St criminals

Although Obama had promised to prosecute Wall St. criminals, as of May 2012, the Obama administration had not filed any criminal charges against any of the top financial executives.

16) Had U.S. citizen killed without judicial process

The ACLU accused Obama of violating the U.S. Constitution by having a U.S. citizen killed without judicial process. U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) said that Obama’s actions might be an impeachable offense.

17) Ordered private company to fire 1,000 employees

In 2011, after Boeing had hired 1,000 new employees to work at its new factory in South Carolina, the Obama administration ordered Boeing to shut down the factory, because the factory was non-union.

18) Stole money from retired teachers and police officers

During the Chrysler bankruptcy, Obama violated the Fifth Amendment and more than 150 years of bankruptcy law by illegally treating secured creditors worse than unsecured creditors. Some of these secured creditors were retired teachers and police officers from Indiana. Richard A. Epstein, a law professor at New York University School of Law, wrote, “Upsetting this fixed hierarchy among creditors is just an illegal taking of property from one group of creditors for the benefit of another, which should be struck down on both statutory and constitutional grounds.” Todd Zywicki, Professor of Law at George Mason University School of Law, wrote that Obama’s treatment of secured creditors was “dangerous to the rule of law.” The Economist wrote that Obama’s actions could “establish a terrible precedent. Bankruptcy exists to sort legal claims on assets. If it becomes a tool of social policy, who will then lend to struggling firms in which the government has a political interest?” Francis Cianfrocca, the CEO of Bayshore Networks, wrote that Obama’s actions were “an astonishingly reckless abrogation of contract law that will introduce a new level of uncertainty into business transactions at all levels, and make wealth generation more difficult going forward… An extraordinary uncertainty has been created when the most powerful man in the world can rewrite contracts and choose winners and losers in private negotiations as he sees fit. Since this is an unquantifiable uncertainty, and not a quantifiable risk, its effect on business and investor confidence will be large and unpredictable. As in the 1930s, a time when government also cavalierly rewrote private contracts, the prudent approach for business will be to invest minimally and wait for another administration.”

19) Supported release of convicted mass murderer

In 2010, Obama  supported releasing Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi (who had been convicted of murdering 270 people) from prison.

20) Illegally put thousands of guns into hands of criminals

In Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama administration ordered gun storeowners to illegally sell thousands of guns to criminals.

21) Fired Inspector General for discovering that Obama’s friend had embezzled government funds

In June 2009, Obama fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin, after Walpin accused Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, an Obama supporter, of misuse of AmeriCorps funding to pay for school-board political activities. In a letter to Congress, the White House said that Walpin was fired because he was “confused, disoriented, unable to answer questions and exhibited other behavior that led the Board to question his capacity to serve.” A bipartisan group of 145 current and former public officials, attorneys, and legal scholars signed a letter that was sent to the White House, which defended Walpin, said the criticisms of him were not true, and said that his firing was politically motivated. The letter can be read here.

22) Lied about putting health care negotiations on C-SPAN

Although Obama had made a campaign promise to have all of the health care reform negotiations broadcast on C-SPAN, he broke that promise after he was elected. The secrecy of these negotiations was so strong that U.S. Congresswoman and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California) said, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

23) Lied about letting people keep their health insurance

Before Obama’s health care reform was passed, he promised “If you’re one of the more than 250 million Americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance.” However, after the law was passed, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East announced that it would drop health insurance for the children of more than 30,000 low-wage home attendants. Mitra Behroozi, executive director of benefit and pension funds for 1199SEIU stated, “… new federal health-care reform legislation requires plans with dependent coverage to expand that coverage up to age 26… meeting this new requirement would be financially impossible.” Also, after the law was passed, the Franciscan University of Steubenville dropped its coverage in response to the law. In addition, after the law was passed, Forbes reported “The House Ways and Means Committee has released a new report that sheds light onto how Obamacare incentivizes companies to dump their workers onto the new law’s subsidized exchanges.”

24) Lied about the cost of health care reform

Before health care reform was passed, Obama promised “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits – either now or in the future. I will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period. And to prove that I’m serious, there will be a provision in this plan that requires us to come forward with more spending cuts if the savings we promised don’t materialize.” However, after Obama signed it, the Washington Post reported that it would add more than $340 billion to the budget deficit over the next decade. In March 2012, the Congressional Budget Office said that over the next decade, Obama’s health care reform would cost twice as much as what Obama had promised.

25) Gave tax dollars to campaign contributors and lobbyists, and falsely claimed the money was for “green energy”

In 2009 the Obama administration gave $535 million to Solyndra, claiming that it would create 4,000 new jobs. However, instead of creating those 4,000 new jobs, the company went bankrupt. It was later revealed that the company’s shareholders and executives had made substantial donations to Obama’s campaign, that the company had spent a large sum of money on lobbying, and that Solyndra executives had had many meetings with White House officials.

It was also revealed that the Obama administration had already been aware of Solyndra’s financial troubles. For example, according to the company’s security filings in 2009, the company had been selling its product for less than the cost of production. Solyndra was a private company, but had been planning to use its government loans as a means of going public – so when Obama knowingly overstated the company’s condition in order to help his friends at Solyndra, he broke the same law that Martha Stewart had been sent to prison for breaking.

In September 2011, federal agents visited the homes of Brian Harrison, the company’s CEO, and Chris Gronet, the company’s founder, to examine computer files and documents.  Also in September 2011, the U.S. Treasury Department launched an investigation.

On September 13, 2011, the Washington Post reported on emails which showed that the Obama administration had tried to rush federal reviewers to approve the loan so Vice President Joe Biden could announce it at a September 2009 groundbreaking for the company’s factory. The company was a hallmark of President Obama’s plan to support clean energy technologies.

The New York Times reported that government auditors and industry analysts had faulted the Obama administration for failing to properly evaluate the company’s business proposals, as well as for failing to take note of troubling signs which were already evident. In addition, Frank Rusco, a program director at the Government Accountability Office, had found that the preliminary loan approval had been granted before officials had completed the legally mandated evaluations of the company.

The New York Times quoted Shyam Mehta, a senior analyst at GTM Research, as saying “There was just too much misplaced zeal at the Department of Energy for this company.” Among 143 companies that had expressed an interest in getting a loan guarantee, Solyndra was the first one to get approval. During the period when Solyndra’s loan guarantee was under review, the company had spent nearly $1.8 million on lobbying. Tim Harris, the CEO of Solopower, a different solar panel company which had obtained a $197 million loan guarantee, told the New York Times that his company had never considered spending any money on lobbying, and that “It was made clear to us early in the process that that was clearly verboten… We were told that it was not only not helpful but it was not acceptable.”

The Washington Post reported that Solyndra had used some of the loan money to purchase new equipment which it never used, and then sold that new equipment, still in its plastic wrap, for pennies on the dollar. Former Solyndra engineer Lindsey Eastburn told the Washington Post, “After we got the loan guarantee, they were just spending money left and right… Because we were doing well, nobody cared. Because of that infusion of money, it made people sloppy.”

On September 29, 2011, the Washington Post reported that the Obama administration had continued to allow Solyndra to receive taxpayer money even after it had defaulted on its $535 million loan.

On October 7, 2011, The Washington Post reported that newly revealed emails showed that Energy Department officials had been warned that their plan to help Solyndra by restructuring the loan might be illegal, and should be cleared with the Justice Department first. However, Energy Department officials moved ahead with the restructuring anyway, with a new deal that would repay company investors before taxpayers if the company were to default. The emails showed concerns within the Obama administration about the legality of the Energy Department’s actions. In addition, an Energy Department stimulus adviser, Steve Spinner, had pushed for the loan, despite having recused himself because his wife’s law firm had done work for the company.

In January 2012, CBS News reported that Solyndra had thrown millions of dollars worth of brand new glass tubes into garbage dumpsters, where they ended up being shattered. Solyndra told CBS that it had conducted an exhaustive search for buyers of the glass tubes, and that no one had wanted them. However, CBS discovered that Solyndra had not offered the glass tubes for sale at either one of its two asset auctions that took place in 2011. In addition, David Lucky, a buyer and seller of such equipment, told CBS that he would have bought the tubes if he had had a chance to do so. Greg Smestad, a solar scientist who had consulted for the Department of Energy, also agreed that the tubes had value, and had asked Solyndra to donate any unwanted tubes to Santa Clara University. Smestad stated, “That really makes me sad… Those tubes represent intellectual investment. These could have had a better value to do public good. I think they owed the U.S. taxpayer that.”

In April 2012, CBS News reported that Solyndra had left a substantial amount of toxic waste at its abandoned facility in Milpitas, California.

Solyndra was not the only “green energy” company involved in this type of fraud. After Obama gave Raser Technologies $33 million to build a power plant, the company declared bankruptcy, and owed $1.5 million in back taxes. After Obama gave Abound Solar, Inc. a $400 million loan guarantee to build photovoltaic panel factories, the company halted production and laid off 180 employees. After Obama gave Beacon Power a $43 million loan guarantee to build green energy storage, the company filed for bankruptcy. After Obama approved $2.1 billion in loan guarantees for Solar Trust of America so it could build solar power plants, the company filed for bankruptcy.

Although Obama stated that all of the “green energy” companies that received taxpayer money were chosen “based solely on their merits,” the truth is that 71% of these grants and loans went to Obama donors and fundraisers, who raised $457,834 for his campaign, and were later approved for grants and loans totaling more than $11 billion. By November 2011, the Energy Department’s inspector general had begun more than 100 criminal investigations related to Obama’s stimulus. Although an “independent” review said that Obama had not done anything wrong, it was later reported that Herbert M. Allison Jr., the person who had conducted this “independent” review, donated $52,500 to Obama’s campaign.

26) Had “off the record” meetings with lobbyists

In June 2010, the New York Times reported that Obama administration officials had held hundreds of meetings with lobbyists at coffee houses near the White House, in order to avoid the disclosure requirements for White House visitors, and that these meetings “reveal a disconnect between the Obama administration’s public rhetoric — with Mr. Obama himself frequently thrashing big industries’ ‘battalions’ of lobbyists as enemies of reform — and the administration’s continuing, private dealings with them.”

27) Falsely claimed to believe in public education

Although Obama said, “We need to uphold the ideal of public education,” he expressed his true opinion of America’s public education system by sending his own children to private schools while living in Chicago and Washington D.C.

28) Had armed agents raid guitar factory and seize guitars without charges being filed

Obama had armed federal agents raid the Gibson guitar factory, order the employees to leave, and seize guitars and other property from the factory – and all of this happened without any charges being filed. It was later reported that Gibson had not broken any U.S. laws, and that the Obama administration’s so-called justification for the raid was that Gibson had broken laws from India. In addition, it was also reported that Henry E. Juszkiewicz, the CEO of Gibson, was a Republican donor, and that Chris Martin IV (the CEO of C.F. Martin & Company, Gibsons’s competitor, which had used the exact same wood but not gotten raided) was a Democratic donor.

29) Shut down Amish farm

In February 2012, Obama shut down an Amish farm for selling unpasteurized milk across state lines, even though the customers were happy with what they were buying.

30) Rewarded his fundraisers by giving them federal jobs

Although Obama had promised to have “the most sweeping ethics reform in history,” and had often criticized the role of money in politics, the truth is that after he was elected, he gave administration jobs to more than half of his 47 biggest fundraisers.

31) Ignored constitutional requirements for appointees

In February 2009, U.S. Senator Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia) expressed concern that Obama’s dozens of czars might violate the U.S. Constitution, because they were not approved by the U.S. Senate. U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) expressed a similar concern in September 2009.

32) Gave tax dollars to corrupt private contractors

While Obama was a state Senator in Illinois, he used tax dollars to build 504 units of slum housing, which had mice and backed up sewage. Federal inspectors graded the condition of the housing so bad that the buildings faced demolition.

33) Used tax dollars to glorify murderers

The Obama administration spent $1.6 million to restore graffiti that glorified communist murderers Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

34) Proved that he’s the least intelligent President in history

Despite having taught constitutional law at one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, in April 2012 Obama falsely claimed that the U.S. Supreme Court had never overturned any laws that had been passed by Congress.

35) Supported new bailouts for speculators who caused housing bubble

In March 2012, Obama announced a new set of bailouts for speculators who had caused the housing bubble.

36) Doesn’t care about taxpayers’ money

As part of his economic stimulus, Obama spent $205,075 of taxpayer money to relocate and care for a single specimen of Arctostaphylos franciscana, a shrubbery which nurseries sell for $16.

37) Supported ludicrous “scientific study”

Obama’s administration funded a study to see whether or not rats’ enjoyment of the music of Miles Davis was increased when the rats were high on cocaine.

38) Tried to outlaw family farms

In April 2012, the Obama administration proposed new regulations which would prohibit farm children under 18 from working at grain elevators, silos, feed lots, stockyards, and livestock auctions, as well as from storing, marketing and transporting farm product raw materials. Critics claimed that this would prevent children from the common practice of working on their friends’ and relatives’ farms, and that farm children did not need “help” from a community organizer in Washington.

39) Auctioned off ambassadorship to the Netherlands

In April 2012, Obama nominated Timothy Broas, who had “bundled” more than $500,000 for Obama’s 2012 campaign, to be U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands.

40) Claimed that written tests are a form of “racial discrimination”

The Obama administration accused fire and police departments in Jacksonville, Florida, New York City, and Dayton, Ohio of “racial discrimination” because they required potential firefighters and police officers to take a written test. Ten real examples of these “racist” questions from the New York test can be read here.

41) Made the TSA even more abusive and ridiculous than it had been under Bush

The Obama administration gave a very invasive patdown to a three-year-old boy in a wheelchair, which caused the boy to tremble in fear. The Obama administration gave an aggressive patdown to a seven-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. The Obama administration said that a four-year-old girl was a “high security threat.” The Obama administration placed an 18-month-old girl on its no fly list. The Obama administration gave a patdown to Henry Kissinger.

42) Violated Freedom of Information Act

The Obama administration demanded that the Goldwater Institute pay $78,935.80 before it would share public records which it had requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

43) Fined public school $15,000 for selling soda

The Obama administration fined a high school $15,000 for selling soda to students during lunch.

44) Conducted dangerous and illegal scientific experiments on people

From January 2010 through June 2011, the Obama administration conducted illegal scientific experiments which exposed 42 people to dangerous levels of toxins.

45) Gave middle finger to Vietnam veterans, their families, and their friends

On Memorial Day 2012, Obama prevented Vietnam veterans and their friends and families from visiting the Vietnam memorial for seven hours, so Obama could have his picture taken.

46) Took ownership and control of General Motors

Obama fired the CEO of General Motors, had the government take 60.8% ownership of the company, and ordered the company to close some of its dealerships.

47) Forced banks to give mortgages to people who could not afford to pay them back

While working as a “community organizer,” Obama filed lawsuits which forced banks to give mortgages to people with bad credit and low incomes. As a result, many of these people ended up defaulting on their mortgages. As their attorney, Obama collected $23,000 in legal fees for himself.

48) Stole money from retired Delphi employees

In 2009, Obama eliminated the pensions of 20,000 retired Delphi employees.

49) Used taxpayer money to buy soda for $3.40 per can

During Obama’s presidency, the federal government repeatedly purchased soda for a cost of $3.40 per can. Obama did not express any desire to switch to a cheaper seller, such as Costco,, or Wal-Mart – or to an even still cheaper seller such as a wholesaler. Instead, Obama repeatedly forced taxpayers to pay these outrageous prices for soda.

50) Paid way, way, way too much for internet access

Obama’s stimulus paid to connect some households in Montana to the internet, at a cost of $7 million per household.

51) Had a double standard for Bain Capital

Although Obama criticized Mitt Romney for his involvement with Bain Capital, Obama hired Jeff Zients, a former consultant at Bain (and who had an estimated personal wealth of $200 million) to be his budget director.

52) Broke promise to teen campaign volunteers

Obama had promised to his teen campaign volunteers that if they each spent nine hours going door to door on Obama’s behalf, he would invite them to attend his speech of September 6, 2012. However, after the teens did the volunteer work, Obama broke his promise. One of these volunteers, Madeline Frank, age 16, of Charlotte, North Carolina, said of this “I’ve been looking forward to this for a really long time. I am just feeling really let down and like bummed. It was kind of my dream to see him speak, so definitely really sad.”

53) Acted condescendingly toward Jewish voters

Obama falsely claimed to know more about Judaism than any other President.

54) Cheated on his own taxes

According to public records, Obama’s 2004 salary for being a member of the Illinois State Senate was $60,857. However, on his 2004 income tax form, he claimed that his income was only $53,288.

55) Lied about his membership in a third party

Obama falsely claimed that he had never belonged to the New Party, which is a third political party.

56) Supported punishing students based on their race instead of on their behavior

Obama expressed support for a proposal which would punish students based on their race instead of on their behavior.

57) Used “off the books” funding for military interventionism

In April 2009, antiwar activists who helped elect Obama accused him of using the same “off the books” funding as his predecessor George W. Bush when Obama requested an additional $83.4 billion from Congress for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – a provision which Obama had voted against when he was a Senator.

58) Tried to silence criticism of auto-bailouts

The Obama administration pressured Ford Motor Company to stop airing a TV ad that criticized Obama’s bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler.

59)  Dismissed charges of voter intimidation, despite video evidence

In May 2009, the Obama administration dismissed charges that had been filed by the Bush administration against members of the New Black Panther Party who had been videotaped intimidating voters and brandishing a police-style baton at a Philadelphia polling station during the November 2008 election. In August 2009, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights demanded that the Justice Department explain why it dismissed the charges.  In July 2010, J. Christian Adams, a former lawyer for the Justice Department, testified before the Commission on Civil Rights that the case was dropped because the Justice Department did not want to protect the civil rights of white people.

60) Falsely claimed to support the second amendment

Although Obama stated, “I have always believed that the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to bear arms,” the National Rifle Association gave Obama a rating of ‘F’ based on his voting record.

61) Nominated a communist who said 9-11 was an inside job

In September 2009, Obama’s green czar Van Jones resigned after it was reported that he was a self described “communist” and had blamed George W. Bush for the September 11 attacks.

62) Falsely said he would not raise taxes on the poor and middle class

On September 12, 2008, Obama promised, “I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” However, less than three months into his Presidency, he broke that promise when he raised the cigarette tax. Studies show that poor people are more likely to smoke than rich people.

63) Falsely said he wanted to simplify the tax code, when he actually wanted to make it more complex

Although Obama said that he wanted to simplify the tax code, his proposals would actually add thousands of pages to the tax code.

64) Oversaw some of the world’s worst increases in corruption

In December 2010, Transparency International reported that corruption was increasing faster in the U.S. than anywhere else except Cuba, Dominica, and Burkina Faso.

65) Has lack of transparency

In July 2009, White House reporter Helen Thomas criticized the Obama administration for its lack of transparency.

66) Falsely claimed he would wait five days before signing bills

Although Obama had promised to wait five days before signing all non-emergency bills, he broke that promise at least 10 times during his first three months in office.

67) Falsely claimed stimulus spending would be transparent

Although Obama had promised that the website would list all stimulus spending in detail, a 400 page report issued by the Government Accountability Office stated that only 25% of the projects listed on the website provided clear and complete information regarding their cost, schedule, purpose, location and status.

68) Announced plans to send military to Australia

In November 2011, Obama announced that he would send 2,500 Marines to Australia.

69) Falsely promised to accept public campaign financing and spending limits

During the 2008 campaign, Obama broke his promise to accept public campaign financing and the spending limits that came with it.

70) Tried to silence video on YouTube

In June 2011, Obama asked a Jewish singing group to remove its video from the internet.

71) Rejected international help to clean up BP oil spill

After the BP oil spill, Obama rejected offers of cleanup help from Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations.

72) Falsely said he opposed government waste, when he actually loves it

On September 22, 2008, Obama said, “I am not a Democrat who believes that we can or should defend every government program just because it’s there… We will fire government managers who aren’t getting results, we will cut funding for programs that are wasting your money and we will use technology and lessons from the private sector to improve efficiency across every level of government… The only way we can do all this without leaving our children with an even larger debt is if Washington starts taking responsibility for every dime that it spends.” However, Citizens Against Government Waste gave Obama a 2007 rating of only 10%, and a lifetime rating of only 18%.

73) Nominated past frequent user of illegal drugs to keep illegal drugs out of schools

In September 2009, it was reported that Kevin Jennings, Obama’s Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, had written about  Jenning’s own past frequent illegal drug use in his 2007 autobiography.

74) Avoids firing aides who owe back taxes

In January 2012, it was reported that 36 Obama aides owed a combined total of $833,000 in back taxes.

75) Used Abbott and Costello style economics as a basis for national policy

In 2010, Obama gave $16.3 million to First Solar, a company that manufactures solar panels, so the company could sell solar panels to itself.

76) Sent U.S. troops to Africa

Obama sent U.S. troops to Uganda, Congo, South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

77) Made secret plans for his second term

In March 2012, when Obama was talking to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and did not know that the microphone was turned on, Obama stated, “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space… This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

78) Holds double standard for people who use crude and vulgar language toward women

Concerned Women for America accused Obama of hypocrisy after Obama criticized Rush Limbaugh for using crude and vulgar language to describe Sandra Fluke, but Obama did not criticize Bill Maher (who had donated one million dollars to an Obama PAC) for using the same kind of crude and vulgar language to describe Sarah Palin.

79) Gave some employers special exemptions from health care reform

Although the Constitution requires the law to treat all citizens the same way, in October 2010, Obama gave McDonald’s and 29 other organizations an exemption from some of the requirements of his health care plan.  Over time, more than 1,300 organizations were granted waivers. Many of these recipients were unions that had supported passage of the health care reform, but now wanted exemptions from the very same law that they want everyone else to follow.

80) Defended Bush administration’s unconstitutional, unwarranted use of GPS device

In January 2012, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the Bush administration for having put a GPS tracking device on someone’s car without having a warrant, the Obama administration opposed the court ruling

81) Opposes newspapers reporting the news

Obama spokesman Jay Carney criticized the Los Angeles Times for publishing photographs of U.S. soldiers posing with corpses in Afghanistan.

82) Supported Bush administration for fining CBS for showing Janet Jackson’s breast

Obama came out in favor of the FCC’s fining of the CBS TV network $550,000 for showing Janet Jackson’s breast during the 2004 Super Bowl.

83) Allowed campaign contributors to bring lobbyists into White House

In April 2012, the New York Times reported, “Although Mr. Obama has made a point of not accepting contributions from registered lobbyists, a review of campaign donations and White House visitor logs shows that special interests have had little trouble making themselves heard. Many of the president’s biggest donors, while not lobbyists, took lobbyists with them to the White House…”

84) Falsely said that criminal background checks constituted “racial discrimination”

In 2012, the Obama administration accused Pepsico of “race discrimination” because it used criminal background checks to screen out job applicants.

85) Was cited by nine states for committing 21 illegal acts

Attorneys General from nine states issued a report, titled “A Report on Obama Administration Violations of Law,” which cited 21 illegal acts which had been committed by the Obama administration.

86) Tried to seize hotel because some of its customers had used illegal drugs

The Obama administration tried to seize a mom-and-pop bed-and-breakfast because some if its guests had used illegal drugs.

87) Falsely said his campaign was not funded by large donors

Although Obama has received many large campaign donations from corporate executives and Hollywood celebrities, his spokesperson said that his campaign was funded “not from huge donors at all.”

88) Holds double standard for subsidizing solar power companies

Although Obama gave taxpayer money to numerous American solar power companies, he placed a 30% tariff on solar panels imported from China, because he was against the Chinese government giving subsidies to its own companies.

89) Tried to create an administration full of tax cheaters

Obama nominated tax cheater Tom Daschle to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. After Daschle said he didn’t want the job, Obama then nominated tax cheater Kathleen Sebelius for the same position. Obama nominated tax cheater Nancy Killefer to be his administration’s Chief Performance Officer. Obama nominated  tax cheater Hilda Solis to be the Secretary of Labor. Obama nominated tax cheater Ron Kirk be the White House Chief Trade Representative.

90) Hired a Communications Director who admires a mass murderer

Anita Dunn, Obama’s White House Communications Director, said that one of her favorite political philosophers was Mao Tse-tung, the Chinese dictator who murdered tens of millions of innocent civilians.

91) Tried to replace science with political correctness

In July 2010, Charles Bolden, the administrator of NASA, said that Obama had told him that the primary purpose of NASA was “to reach out to the Muslim world.”

92) Made recess appointments when Congress was not in recess

In January 2012, Obama violated the Constitution by making four recess appointments when Congress was not in recess. Recess appointments themselves are constitutional, but only if they are made when Congress is actually in recess.

93) Said the health insurance mandate was not a tax, but later told the Supreme Court that it was

Before Obama’s health care reform was passed, he said that the mandate was not a tax. However, after it was passed, the Obama administration argued in front of the Supreme Court that the mandate really was a tax.

94 ) Lied about being his “brother’s keeper”

Although Barack Obama likes to cite  the Bible phrase “We are our brother’s keeper,” when his real life poverty stricken brother George Obama needed $1,000 for health care bills, Barack Obama refused to pay it, so conservative author Dinesh D’Souza paid it.

95) Punishes hospitals for saving the lives of patients with heart disease

Obama’s health care reform contains a provision that reduces  Medicare payments to hospitals with high 30-day readmission rates. Sunil Kripalani, MD, a professor with Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said of this, “Among patients with heart failure, hospitals that have higher readmission rates actually have lower mortality rates. So, which would we rather have — a hospital readmission or a death?”

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  1. Asok Asus replied:

    Only 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism? With only 95, it makes total sense that you’re not voting for the only candidate that has a chance to unseat Obama. I guess it’s more important to put your “principals” ahead of the well-being of your country. After all, only patriots place the well-being of their country ahead of their own needs, wants, and desires. At least the ignorant will be voting to keep Obama because they don’t know any better. You on the other hand have no excuse. Oh, yeah. Principals. I forgot.

    • Fnarf M replied:

      A vote for Gary Johnson is essentially a vote for BO, just sayin’.

      • Shari replied:

        I DITTO that, I Do Not understand people who claim to know how bad America and our children will suffer if Obama is reelected , yet they claim their standing on “principle” and are voting for someone who has ZERO chance of winning. Knowing it is a Vote for Obama, its so sad. My thought is, Vote now to get Obama out, SAVE the USA, next time around play your “principle” game!!! This time is tooo Critical!!!!

      • Jeff replied:

        EXACTLY!! I do not like the horses in this race, but I am going to take the one I think can win and it not be Obama,

      • Rquest replied:

        what the hell is wrong with you?????????? a vote for a 3rd party candidate or a write in vote are votes that insure re-election for obama….

      • C. Andrews replied:

        You people up above are the reason we get crappy candidates every four years. No, a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Gary Johnson. It’s also a vote of no confidence in the current system.

        The major parties hold no claim to my vote. They have to earn my vote.

        And if your rationale for not selecting a candidate is that they can’t win, then Romney voters in New York and Obama voters in Texas might as well not even show up to the polls. It’s not always about winning. Sometimes it’s about voting your conscience.

        And you know what? Every election in my lifetime has allegedly been “too important” to vote 3P. There will always be some excuse. Eventually, you have to wake up and realize that constantly voting for Ds and Rs isn’t fixing anything. In fact, it’s making things worse.

    • L Wilson replied:

      I lean more Libertarian now because I am fed up with both parties. However, I realized that Obama MUST go and the only way to unseat this disgusting man is to vote for Romney. He at least is a man of character and I believe he will do the right thing. The conservatives must hold the House and take the Senate so we can save this country from the likes of Obama.

      • C. Andrews replied:

        Yeah, I remember in 2008 how we all “had to” vote for Kerry, because if we didn’t, Bush was going to destroy the country. Second verse, same as the first.

      • Marjorie McEntee replied:

        WE have to understand that Obama’s re-election was corrupted by people who don’t even like our country, they should go somewhere else if they don’t like our system….God Bless America

  2. John replied:


  3. Marsha Kaiser Schlesinger replied:

    Good stuff! Posted a link to my Facebook page. Thanks for doing all the hard work.

  4. Steve replied:

    There are a number of factual errors in this combined with some really ridiculous titles for the different items. You may not like Obama or want to vote for him, but don’t you want to be able to look yourself in the mirror and not feel like you are being intellectualy dishonest? Perhaps not.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Please point out some examples of these “factual errors.”

      • Steve replied:


        “Tried To Replace Science with Political Correctness” – and then you blather on about NASA and the Muslim world. Had he actually tried to ‘replace’ science with political correctness, then he would have changed the charter of NASA. It’s just false to portray it as trying to replace science in any way, shape or form and it makes you look like a hack. Yeah….he was looking to replace science. Pffftt.

        “Punishes Hospitals for Saving the Lives of People With Heart Disease”. LOL, this one was particularly awesome. You then link to an article from Fox news that doesn’t even do a good job of making its own case. It uses a bunch of weasel words to try and gin up the exact type of idiocy that your post promotes. Read the article and do some reasearch. Nobody is punishing anyone for saving lives, you dolt. The readmission penalty isn’t for all hospitals and the rule is actually a very good one that any doctor who understands the problem supports.

        “Holds a Double Standard for Subsidizing Solar Companies” Why do you think that is, Danwiththesquirrelbrain? Are you unable to understand why we might put a tarrif on imported solar panels from China? Really? You should read some books before you get out there in public with these types of opinions.

        “Was Cited By 9 States for 21 Illegal Acts” – Although, he wasn’t actually cited. A partisan report was written by a bunch of republicans….that was all that happened. Do you really think the report holds water? (Hint:if you have to put in the report that even though you are all republicans and the report is about a democrat, but it isn’t the reason for the report….the report probably doesn’t hold water.)

        It goes on and on and on….you have a post in there about the exemptions to the Affordable Care Act. If you are interested in the truth and not just bashing….perhaps you should talk a bit about the exemptions. Why did they get them? Does it mean that they don’t have to provide health care? If your answer is that ‘they are unions and companies who gave big donations and the President is letting them out of obeying the law because of it…” Again…you are a hack who needs to get an understanding of what you are writing about.

        Does that suffice or would you like me to continue?

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        Thanks for citing those examples. I still stand by them. Whether you cite more or not is up to you.

  5. David replied:


    You selected 5 out of the 95 for having factual errors. Does that mean you’re ok with the other 90?

    • Steve replied:

      No, it means that I don’t have time to point out every single fraudulent piece of information on the internet. Suffice to say, however, that this website is a bunch of trash meant for dullards. If you read through this list and think it is any less reprehensible than when people used to do this to George Bush, you are being played.

      Good luck though. great site. #sarcasm

      • David replied:

        Trash for dullards. Really? Actually the information provided by Dan here is fairly representative of the worst president in American history. Certainly the most divisive. I would challenge you to come up with 95 reasons why this man should serve another term.

    • Marjorie McEntee replied:

      Get real you loon……

  6. Steve replied:

    Oh, and number 70 is a real gem also. Tried to censora video on youtube…and then as your source, it’s ‘The American Thinker’ blog? LOLOLOL That’s awesome. It’s like you aren’t even trying.

    Did you read the comments on that post? Are you proud of your source?

    What a joke.

    • Steve Hinds replied:

      Steve, by your comments I would assume that you support Obama. Am I correct in that assumption? If I am correct, could you give me just 5 good reasons to support Obama, just 5 is all I need! Please note the word “good” when giving your reasons. Don’t use the GM bailoutbecase e broke the law there and screwed over the salaried folks at both GM and Delphi. Don’t use Obamacare because it, also, is the biggest farce in our history along with being the largest tax increase in our history. While you are floating along in your LALA land you may want to see the movie “2016”, read these books, THE AMATUER by Edward Klein, OBAMA’S AMERICA by Dinesh D’Souza, THE CASE AGAINST OBAMA by David Freddosa, CONFIDENCE MEN by Ron Suskind, THE PRICE OF POLITICS by Bob Woodward. It is amazing how all of these different people come to the same basic conclusion on Obama – Incompetent!!

      To Dan – I have researched about 80 of your 95 items and have found them to be very accurate. Good job! Perhaps with an alert electorate, we will replace the socialist/Marxist in November.

  7. Jeff replied:

    Very nice work, Dan! I don’t need all 95 LIES to give me a real good idea of what kind of person mr. obama is. I can see that he has a very different agenda than he leads us to believe. I will not vote for him this time! I am truly scared for the survival of America should this man be reelected. He says what uninformed people want to hear so they will vote for him, then he does something different. He is brilliantly using our system of government weaknesses against us. Many people voted him into office without knowing much about his history. They were voting for “HOPE AND CHANGE”, whatever that is. Well, they didn’t get the change they thought they were voting for. Very unfortunate. Thanks for your efforts in this report.

  8. em (@mcvalko) replied:

    love this. thank you for listing. super mucho appreciado!

  9. thelaissezfaire replied:

    Excellent list! Not that I needed 95 reasons, but appreciate the work that went into this. Looks like Steve loved it too! 🙂

  10. MickeyFL replied:

    Only #1 is a “law” that could be broken and it wasn’t. No troops were committed and the action took less than the 60 days, after which a President is required to get authorization for continuation. The rest are your version of promises he broke. It’s not against the law to break a promise.

    And “Falsely claimed to support the second amendment.” First, the only law he’s ever signed related to guns was one that gave MORE freedom, freedom to carry in National Parks. A law that you should know, was signed by Reagan.

    I’m sure I could go through and rightly dismiss all 95 for the quackery they are, but I’m positive that you don’t care about facts.

  11. Jimmy Johnson replied:

    Whoever you are dear Sir, you are an idiot. I read #1 and stopped there since it’s obvious all the rest are tripe:

    1) Carried out military interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval

    As did Ronald Reagan in in 1986. He did not get any Declaration of War and carried out the attack in much the same manner a President Obama.

    As is typical with Republiscum Rightwing nut jobs, this is full of lies and not much else.

    • Real American (@RealAmerican6) replied:

      Jimmy, jimmy, jimmy….it is 2012 not 1982. Listen carefully and I’ll try to explain it slowly. 0-b-a-a-a-m-a is in office, not R-e-a-g-a-n.
      But thanks for playing anyway.

      • MickeyFL replied:

        That is one of the most intellectually dishonest replies ever. If there was an (R) behind his name you’d be fine with it. Both of them attacked a brutal dictator that supported international terrorism. And, in reality neither of them broke the law because no troops were committed and no action took longer than 60 days.

      • David replied:

        Actually, it was 1986 and Reagan ordered the air strikes against the same dictator, Gaddafi, after a sequence of alarming events; Libya installing surface to air missiles acquired from USSR, setting up terrorist training camps in the Libyan desert, the Gulf of Sidra incident, PanAm flight 103 bombing and the bombing of a Berlin nightclub by Libyan terrorists. Libya was clearly a threat to the civilized world at the time. Contrast that with the actions of Obama, supporting a ragtag bunch of “freedom fighters” aka Muslim Brotherhood, overthrowing their government, with NATO airstrikes. What at issue for me is not so much that a President takes what action it deems necessary by using his authority as CIC, but how that authority is used. In the case of Reagan, he took action against a clear threat to US and World security, in the case of Obama, it is the actions of a bumbling and inept foreign policy, turning our backs on a long time ally, Mubarak, and supporting the destabilization of standing governments, however despotic, that at least had a lid on radical Islamic elements. The outcome of the so-called “Arab Spring” is unfolding in Libya now. The attack on our embassy there was no out of control mob overreacting to an insulting movie, but a calculated attack on Americans on the anniversary of 9/11. This President is an abject failure and needs to be voted out.

  12. Ron Bartlett replied:

    Voted for Perot in 1992. Have regretted it ever since. Voting for someone other than Romney “could” ensure Obama’s re-election. It’s not a matter of voting for the “lesser evil”. It’s a matter of risking the republic through the re-election of “pure evil”.

  13. Cm replied:

    You could have done just #1: “I think Obama is a poopyhead” and saved us all the time.

  14. Intel Addin replied:

    First thing I noticed… why would you go to all this work, and then, throw away your vote? That is for losers.[o comes to mind. horror.] If you do not believe in Romney, and you are looking for a George Washington to ride in and save US, don’t miss this Friday’s 5:00 pm show at THEBLAZE.COM. Open your eyes people. Real men lead. Real men help others. Real men keep their mouth shut about it. Real men don’t have to spike the football, ever. You will be amazed. And, probably feel like a worthless rubber mouse after you finally see some truth reported about a modest, honest, real, man! It’s 9/12, the ‘little’ preezie is out campaigning today! [mental midget, libs can’t stand up out here on the battlefield of ideas. Or conflict. Can they?] Reagan brought down Russia. Obama is trying to INSTALL IT! The kool-aid networks will never show this stuff! WOOF!

    • MickeyFL replied:

      I love that you say “real men don’t spike the football” so I guess wearing a flight suit and giving a speech with the backdrop of a huge “Mission Accomplished” sign was Bush quietly moving on after his “accomplishment?”

      Is the the Friday show going to tout his Olympic experience while ignoring the BILLIONS he begged for and got from the federal government you hate? What about his health care plan? What about the fact that on Sunday he said he would NOT repeal “Obamacare” but only some parts. He’ll keep the parts people like (covering pre-existing conditions and adult children on parents insurance) while removing the part people don’t like (the mandate). Or to some up his health care stance, he’s promised all of the benefits with none of the responsibility to pay for it and a sure-fire way of bankrupting the insurance companies.

  15. Bizarro No. 1 replied:

    While I don’t agree with the list 100% (who would?), I still say, “Good job!”, and laugh uproariously at its pathetic/feeble critics, who don’t care at all about the straw men they feel the need to create in order to distract them from the fact that their Messiah Obama is a narcissistic, disingenuous, manipulative, defamatory, EXTREMELY stereotypical politician!

  16. Scotty Starnes replied:

    Enjoyed the read Dan. I know it is hard work to document all the lies from the most well documented liar in US (if not World) history. I could add the deficit and taxes to the list of lies, along with closing Gitmo and saving us $2500 in health care savings. Not to mention his entire autobiography filled with lies. Not to mention the “will end Medicare as we know it” lie of the year.

  17. Cheese622 replied:

    I really loved the list (except for those wacky libertarian issues) and hope others will read it and learn just who and what this man that sits in the white house really is, the only negative I see it the fact that you are canceling out your own vote by casting it for Mr. Johnson and therefor almost giving the election to the man we need to get rid of before it’s to late. Think about it!!

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Thanks. If there were no third party candidates, I would not vote in this election.

      • Michael replied:

        Great read Dan, but you’ve got to see the only way to get NObama out of office is with a majority vote for Romney? Theoretically, he could be impeached for all his crimes, but the fastest way to get him out is this upcoming election. By voting for a guy who will get 2% or less of the overall vote, you’re helping the man you wrote so critically about.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        Thanks for your compliment. Please keep in mind that Obamacare was modeled after Romneycare. Even if Obama gets reelected, he’s still term limited.

      • David replied:

        Hi Dan, very well researched and comprehensive list of the Liar-In-Chief’s infamy. One thing to add is his claim to reach across the aisle to the Republican party which has yet to be seen. His rhetoric is typically full of mockery and ridicule when talking about the Republican Congress. Also the current state of affairs in the Middle East is a result of his failed foreign policy. This man is a failure of epic proportions and his reelection will be a disaster for this country. Given you may agree with this assessment, how do you justify a 3rd party vote in this election? In principle I can see it but practically and realistically, this is a two party system and only one of the two candidates from the major parties will be elected, period. A 3rd party vote is a wasted vote and may ensure that his majesty the king of america gets to stay king another 4 years.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        When the only items on the menu are vomit and diarrhea, I don’t order the lesser of the two – instead, I go to another restaurant.

      • David replied:

        So you think a Romney presidency will be equally disastrous. If past performance is an indicator your man Gary may garner at least 0.4% of the popular vote. You’ll get the vomit or diarrhea anyway.

  18. JP replied:

    Gary Johnson is the ONLY candidate that will really roll back what the socialists have done. At best a Republican will only take us one step to the right for every two steps to the left that the socialists have taken us. That has been the pattern for about a century.

    A vote for Obama is a vote to keep the wound open. A vote for Romney will only slow the bleeding. Electing Johnson is about stopping it all together.

    • David replied:

      What do you think Gary Johnson’s chances are at winning this election?

  19. Tom replied:

    It would be very beneficial if you could add links to each item.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      There are links on each item. Maybe the text doesn’t appear as a different color on your computer, but if you scroll your mouse over the text, you will see the links.

  20. Tom replied:

    .links that will back up your claims……..just sayin…….
    If you want to make your case, PROVIDE LINK FOR PROOF.

  21. Swifty replied:

    Obama is a damn disgrace.

  22. Mary Lou replied:

    I certainly hope you don’t live in a swing state. A vote for Gary Johnson or anybody but Romney is a vote for Obama. Why would you want to do that?

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I live in Pennsylvania. If there were no third party candidates, I would not be voting in this election. So no, I am not helping Obama to get elected.

  23. YMCMB replied:

    I guess I just don’t get why people are so frenetically desperate to replace Obama. Because of him I got to get back on my parents healthcare for a bit after I was laid off in 2009. It certainly helped. Anyway, the overall post lacks a lot of context. Number 2, for example. True, KBR was awarded the contract while the justice department pursued the legal case against them, but what you neglect to mention is the most obvious. There were 14,000 KBR employees already in place in Iraq providing logistical support and were arranged to continue to do so as the U.S. Army prepared to leave. Any president would have made that call.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Liberals hated Bush for giving a no-bid contract to Halliburton.

      • YMCMB replied:

        Very true, but this speaks to a larger problem of how the U.S. generally hires subcontractors in aiding the army during wartime. Both sides are sort of guilty on this but at the very least Obama didn’t have much of a choice of extending the bid. Had he not done so who would have watching out for our army as they disengaged military operations from Iraq, Afghanistan, etc? KBR was already stationed there under Bush…had Obama not given them another bid I doubt the armed forces would have been able to leave Iraq when they did.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      “I guess I just don’t get why people are so frenetically desperate to replace Obama. Because of him I got to get back on my parents healthcare for a bit after I was laid off in 2009.”

      In response to your statement, I offer the following:

      April 15, 2011

      Policy matters. If Barack Obama matched Ronald Reagan’s post-recession recovery rate, 15.7 million more Americans would have jobs.

      October 8, 2011

      103,000 vs. 1.1 Million

      A tale of September jobs, 28 years apart.

      Yesterday’s September jobs report… with 103,000 new jobs in the month

      As it happens, the biggest one-month jobs gain in American history was at exactly this juncture of the Reagan Presidency, after another deep recession. In September 1983, coming out of the 1981-82 downturn, American employers added 1.1 million workers to their payrolls, the acceleration point for a seven-year expansion that created some 17 million new jobs.

      The difference between then and now isn’t the magnitude of the recessions but the policies the U.S. pursued to restore growth. In the Reagan expansion, spending and tax rates were cut, regulations were eased, and government was in retreat. Today, we’ve had a spending and regulatory boom, the threat of higher tax rates, and a general antibusiness political climate. Policies have consequences.

      • YMCMB replied:

        C’mon, it’s a false equivalency to compare Regan’s plan in the 1980’s to what is happening now. And you can’t simply ignore the magnitude of the recession because it doesnt fit your argument. 1987 is nothing like what is happening now. Obama’s stimulus may not have as big as some would have liked but he did prevent us from sinking into an even deeper depression. You can’t dismiss that outright. Cutting tax rates now isn’t going to help but create a deeper deficit (Bush tried that, thinking that business owners would use the incentive to create more jobs and yet it didn’t happen)…and it’s not just raising taxes on the richest Americans, as everyone’s going to feel the pinch at some point in the next 10-20 years as it relates to tax revenues and entitlement programs. We simply can’t keep up with a growing population after the baby boomer generation. This just seems like a house of cards waiting to fall…and neither side wants to be in office when it happens because American politics has turned into a finger-pointing game of “who can we blame and how fast.”

        But after watching the political conventions the last couple weeks I’m convinced that Obama is keeping a level head and not simply asking America to trust his leadership like Romney/Ryan, but actually laying out a comprehensive plan that isn’t made up of boilerplate phrases. Maybe if Repubs like Mitch McConnell and Ryan didn’t repeatedly enforce the idea that working against Obama and dedicating their office hours to seeing that Obama doesn’t get a second term werent their top priority and actually helped suggest improvements to the recently rejected (by Ryan and others, no less) Simpson-Bowles plan then perhaps we could actually begin to start having a conversation about to fix how our financial woes.

  24. Mark Walton replied:

    Great stuff!!! Still better then Romney…. ObamaBiden 2012

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Thanks for the compliment.

    • patty replied:

      Great stuff but “still better than Romney”?? WTF? Are you smoking crack? 0bama is the worst possible person to be president at the worst possible time. He hides behind the ‘race card’ because he’s black and knows he’s immune from criticism or impeachment. If Bush had committed a fraction of what 0bama has committed, he’d not only been impeached, he’d be in jail right now. 0bama is a Marxist, Muslim, gay illegal alien. The fool is obsessed with gays and lesbians. He LIED when he said the ‘Arab Spring’ is about freedom and democracy. Tell Ambassador Stevens about ‘Arab Spring’.. Oh, that’s right, he’s dead. Just a ‘bump in the road’, right 0bama? Idiot. 0bama has destroyed the few Middle East relationships the U.S. once had. We’ve now lost Egypt which is analogous to Carter losing Iran. NOW LOOK AT IRAN.. THANKS, JIMMY YOU JERK. Obama is the most dangerous president we’ve ever had. Privately, he HATES our free-market, capitalist Republic.. ‘FORWARD’ is a slogan used by Dictators like Mao or Stalin. Wake up, America. Obama LIES to you about who and what he really is and the media protects him because he’s black. I don’t care what color he is, he is an evil man and is destroying America and slowly strangling us domestically and abroad. Anyone who doesn’t see that has their head in the sand. WAKE UP, AMERICA. Elect a business man to the White House, not a AGITATOR. Romney-Ryan 2012!!!!!

  25. KB replied:

    You are insane. Really insane.

    I just scrolled down and randomly picked the first one that came in sight —

    86)Tried to seize hotel because some of its customers had used illegal drugs

    The Obama administration tried to seize a mom-and-pop bed-and-breakfast because some of its guests had used illegal drugs.

    This is what you are coming up with as “examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism”??

    Give it a rest!!!

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      That’s an example of Obama’s “lawbreaking” because the owners of the hotel had not broken any laws, and Obama was trying to violate their right to due process, as well as their fifth amendment right to own private property.

    • Steve Hinds replied:

      Okay, KB, I guess you got Dan on that one because you didn’t look far enough into the details. But I will you that one. Do you care to comment on the other 94 and if you do, I have about another 100 I can show you that further shows the total incompetence of this president. As a side note here, one commenter stated that he didn’t know why all these people are getting on Obama and he supports Obama because Obama kept him on his parents medical coverage after he lost his job. To that gentlemen, if that is your only reason for supporting Obama, I would suggest that you vote for him because you are going to need psychiatric help with that type reasoning. Lastly, to the gentleman that said that Obama kept us out of a depression, I would submit that he also kept Walmart from going
      bankrupt, kept us out of WWIII, kept California from leaving the union (that would be a good thing), because none of these things
      happened either. Please see the movie 2016, read THE AMATEUR, by Edward Klein, OBAMA’S AMERICA by Dinesh D’ Souza, THE PRICE OF POLITICS by Bob Woodward, plus any meaningful research on the internet. If you still support Obama, then by all means, vote for him, and then wait outside because the bus will be by shortly to take you back to the “home”.

  26. Megapril replied:

    How stupid can you be to vote for someone who will never win when you can vote against Obama by choosing the only viable candidate, Mitt Romney? That’s like the proverbial “cutting off your nose to spite your face”! If your 3rd party candidate had a chance to defeat Obama I would be right there with you, but that isn’t going to happen so why throw away your vote that so many have died to protect? Instead, dig in harder for the next few years and get more people behind your candidate!
    People like you take away votes from Romney and only serve to help elect the person you want to take down in the first place! If Obama is booted out you will have an even stronger position to advance your cause… What don’t you get about that? For the next two months we live in a two party system and nothing you do can change that! Third party candidates are only going to give Obama a better chance of winning, I hope you can live with that for the blood will be on your hands!

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I vote for the candidate whom I agree with on the issues. If I agreed with Romney on the issues, I would vote for him. For me, voting for Johnson is not the alternative to voting for Romney – instead, it is the alternative to not voting at all.

  27. Sal Geraci replied:

    Look, if you guys think Obama is did a good job then vote for him. Some voters are like baseball fans in that they root for the party, regardless of what the outcome is/was. I say baseball fans because when Roger Clemens wore a Red Sox uniform the Boston fans adored him. As soon as he put on a Yankee uniform, the Boston fans hated him. Apparently baseball fans root for the uniform, not the player (and yeah, I know Clemens was not a good example – but you get my drift).

    I would bet the farm that if Obama was white and a Republican the same people that are defending him would be looking to impeach him. Many of the people he appointed are just not good people, they really are not. Plus, in my humble opinion he has too many double standards.

    Additionally, he is president of all the people, You just can’t ignore those that have a different slant on life.

    I am not knocking Obama or pushing for Romney – just that if you think the man is qualified and is doing a good job then give him your vote. Personally, I do not like his politics and will not vote for him. I come from a different era where everyone paid his/her taxes. The very idea that those that have more have to support those that have less is my reason for not supporting the current president. You cannot make them the “economic slaves” in order to give others a free ride. That is not a democracy. I thought we settled that in 1776 when we go rid of King George.

    In a democracy everyone has his oar in the water and pays their “fair share”. I did when I got my first job at $1.00/hr. I paid taxes on my earnings. And for those that think that $1 was a lot of money in 1956, look it up. It is less than today’s minimum wage. Too many entitlements and not enough paying to support them is going to sink this country. And that my good friends is my 2-cents.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      “I would bet the farm that if Obama was white and a Republican the same people that are defending him would be looking to impeach him.”

      That is an excellent point!

  28. gsuper replied:

    You are confusing politics with principles. If you base your vote on principles then only the Lord Himself should get your vote!

  29. Lars replied:

    Why are you ‘tarians so enamored with “medical” marijuana?

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I myself have never smoked tobacco or marijuana, or been drunk. I think it’s stupid to abuse any drugs, whether they be legal or illegal. Scientific studies prove that medical marijuana really is useful for treating patients with AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis. See

      The issue of medical marijuana shows what Obama truly thinks about some of the weakest, most helpless, most vulnerable members of society. This issue is my most important one, because if a politician wants the government to forcefully stop dying people from using the medicine that their doctors have prescribed for them, then there truly is no limit to the kinds of oppressive government that that politician will be willing to support.

  30. Meme replied:

    Where I have never even tried it, like you, I support Medical Marijuana. I have 3 incurable and VERY painful illnesses (one being a form of MS) and I have always wanted at least the chance to try it.(I WON’T do it illigally.) This list is great, but the above and all Obama has done against it is one of the toppers for me. I can’t see a single reason to re-elect this clown but more than this list not to. I have tolaugh at the Obama supporters asking you for “proof” when it is clearly in front of their faces. One of the first things I looked for and found was the links! Thanks for the list. I can hardly wait to share with my son, who has to be Obama’s biggest fan though I raised him better than that. (Lol) Take care and thanks again!

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Wow! I really loved your comment. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you will eventually get to legally use the medicine that you need. Good luck with your son.

  31. linda sobel replied:

    Excellent food for thought. He had turned America into a joke in which we fund our enemies and cant recognize our friends. OK, 95 lies would have been a mouthful but most are what matters!! We simply cant afford Obama’s failed policies, lack of skill/judgement and the list continues including the cost of Obama family and staff at $1.4Billion/year of taxpayers money. He pays his dog groomer $102,000/year of taxpayers money…what does this say about his respect for us???

  32. Brizzly_Adams replied:

    People don’t believe the facts, but yet they can’t put forward any evidence that Obama will fix anything or give any reason to vote for the guy. The only thing they can do is Point fingers at the other candidate. You leftist are laughable at best. We have become a “give me” nation and left the constitution behind on our way there.

  33. H. replied:

    I came across your page as I was trying to find information on the “Fast and Furious Program,” after hearing Romney bring it up during the debate (and suspiciously not a word about it from Obama afterward, even though he was quick to defend himself in so many other areas). Personally, between Operation Fast and Furious, FEMA Corps (odd activity involved), and sending troops into Jordan to make a stand against Seria without consent from congress (magnets for violence, in my opinion)… I would never vote for Obama. I think it’s scary what he may be building up to. However, I don’t believe Romney would be any better. As a middle class citizen, he scares me also. I completely agree with you, I will also be voting for Gary Johnson, I would love for it to count, but if it doesn’t at least I wasn’t one of the ignorant people who continue the tradition of, “choosing the lesser of two evils,” because that hasn’t gotten us anywhere either. Being 22, with a child on the way, I can’t bring myself to ignore this election, but I can’t bring myself to vote for either of these men who consistently lie to an entire country and care more about money than the individuals they are supposed to represent.

    Anyways, I appreciate your article, and you putting yourself up for criticism from people of the world wide web by posting it. It was informative, I found what I was interested in, and quite a bit more food for thought as well. You should check out EO 13603 if you don’t already know what it is.

    As for med. marijuana, I feel like it would be great for the entire country to transition over to it from all the pills people are prescribed. All the addictions (vicodin, adderall, ritalin, etc.) hurt our country! Those are the bad drugs. It can be used to replace all of the above (I supposed there may be meds that it can’t take over, but I can’t think of any).

  34. Stephanie replied:

    We’re f*cked if Mitt or Obama wins. I’m definitely voting Gary Johnson. He won’t win, but he may get enough to wake up the population and end the bipartisan bs we’ve been fed! Live free!

    • David replied:

      You are wrong. Libertarians have historically gotten no more than 4 -6% of the popular vote. That isn’t enough to cause a blip on the two-party system radar. There is no reason to believe it will be any different this election. Instead of voting emotionally, vote rationally. Voting for someone who is guaranteed not to win is just plain stupid. Obama is a known disaster. Romney may have a chance to turn things around. If he doesn’t there will be another election in 4 four years.

  35. Mark in LA replied:

    The problem with all these examples is that they are garden variety stuff that has happened with every President as long as I have been alive and will continue whether Romney is elected or not.

    For those that say we “need” to vote Romney because a third party can’t win, they need to realize that as long as you continue down this path, there will never be any change. That farce of a primary should have told you that both parties are corrupt to the core and both are owned by the same people. There needs to be a viable third party to keep the other two honest and it won’t happen by voting for the lesser of two evils.

    • David replied:

      I don’t know how long you have been alive, but we have never had in my lifetime, which takes in presidents Truman to Obama, a president more divisive and one seemingly dedicated into creating division in this country than the current occupant of the White House. Never in my lifetime have I seen the States and Federal governments so divided. It is clear to me this man represents a threat to our Constitution and very core of our Country’s well being. Romney represents to me someone who will end this division. If he does not well then we are lost.

      • Mark in LA replied:

        If you think Romney will end the division then you are either a fool, a liar, or a Republican Party hack. The divisiveness has been going on a long time and has gotten worse every election. The reasons are many – race, class, economics – all due to foolish policies by both Democrats and Republicans looking to buy votes with taxpayer money or by shortchanging some other group creating animosity.

  36. DCelle replied:

    Thank you for putting the facts out there with the links to the articles! Very well done. It’s unfortunate Americans are faced with these truths and still choose to vote for lies, deceit, corruption and the unethical and immoral criminals.

  37. Dannyboy53 replied:

    “Hell has come to breakfast”,
    RIP America.

  38. Pierre replied:

    I laugh as Obama got in and the Great America shows it’s true nature; a massive collection of whiners, criers, and accusers. That’s right, everyone in your country who disagrees with you is an idiot and a liar! BTW, I’d be laughing for the same reason had Romney been elected. Seriously, every four years you all act like this is the apocalypse or something. Man up, nut up, and actually do something rather than gather together on a website just go, “see, we get it, but those Obama guys don’t!” There is no difference between liberals and conservatives; you’re all Americans. And you all think life is so unfair to you.

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