Anne-Marie Slaughter is a spoiled whiny crybaby

In the July/August 2012 issue of Atlantic magazine, Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote this article called “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.”

The very title of the article smacks of radical leftist feminism – an ideology which see victimhood everywhere. In the real world, regardless of one’s gender, it is not possible for a person to “have it all.” And yet, because Slaughter does not “have it all,” she assumes that she is a victim of sexism and gender discrimination.

One of her self-centered complaints is that

“… day care is either unavailable or very expensive; school schedules do not match work schedules…”

In other words, in order for Slaughter to be able to live the kind of life that she wants, she expects day care workers and teachers to live their lives around her own schedule, and she expects day care workers to be underpaid. So while Slaughter wants to “have it all,” she simultaneously wants to deny the same thing to other working women. It is my hope that the real feminists will call Slaughter out on her hypocrisy.

Slaughter is a spoiled whiny crybaby. Even though she has multiple degrees from prestigious universities, teaches at an Ivy League college, has worked at a high level position in the federal government, is published regularly in print and online, appears regularly on TV and radio, gives dozens of speeches every year, and is in the process of writing a book, she complains that she isn’t doing enough. I could not handle the stress of doing even 10% of what she has done, and I’m male. And yet, I don’t feel that I need to “have it all.” I’m happy just as I am.

Slaughter’s article  is more than 100 paragraphs long – and most of those paragraphs are quite long – so that should give an idea of how active this woman is. It would take me days to write something that long – but for some reason, I get the idea that it only took her a few hours. I think this person, regardless of gender, is stressing themself out way too much, and that no matter how much work she does, it will never make her feel satisfied. There is something missing in her life, which has nothing to do with how much or how little time she is spending at work.

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  1. bosquenorse replied:

    Have you even read the article you are writing about? You make some valid points, but why don’t you go back and actually read it without your male sexist blinders interfering with what she was trying to convey. You are not a woman and you haven’t a clue what she has experienced. Don’t even comment and write such a response unless you have some real knowledge of your subject.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Yes, I did read the article. The fact that I am male has nothing to do with it. She wants other women (teachers, day care workers, etc., ) to adjust their lives to revolve around her schedule. She wants to “have it all,” but she is against letting those other women “have it all.”

  2. Anon Omous replied:

    She is a also a sexist bigot.
    While arguing with Richard Haass, on PBS News, a response was (paraphrase) – Only a man would make that argument. –

    I repeatedly see people who claim to be liberal and progressive reveal themselves to be bigots and haters.

    I guess she is what passes for education at Princeton these days.
    I feel sorry for the students.

    • brutony replied:

      With professors such as Paul Krugman, no wonder why theyre all big, fugly libs!

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