Obama breaks promise to teen campaign volunteers by uninviting them to his speech

ABC News reports:

A pair of teenagers volunteered for 18 hours on the Obama campaign this summer to earn their golden tickets to President Obama’s big speech at the Bank of America stadium Thursday night.

Today Madeline Frank, 16, and her brother Koby, 14, were told they’ve been disinvited and their tickets are no longer valid because the location of Obama’s speech was moved from the 73,000 seat open air Bank of America Stadium to the smaller TimeWarner Cable Arena, which can hold about 21,000. The move was made because of a forecast of rain and thunderstorms.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for a really long time,” Madeline Frank of Charlotte, N.C., said today. “I am just feeling really let down and like bummed. It was kind of my dream to see him speak, so definitely really sad.”

Although she isn’t old enough to vote, Madeline knocked on doors and canvassed her neighborhood for nine hours so she could see the president when he came to her hometown Thursday because she wanted to be part of the excitement in her city. The Obama campaign’s “9-3-1” plan offered volunteers one ticket to Thursday’s event in exchange for giving nine hours of their time over three days.

This is absolutely, completely pathetic on Obama’s part. But it’s not a surprise.

I mean – it’s not a surprise to me. It is a surprise to these volunteers, because apparently they hadn’t been aware of the huge number of other promises that Obama had broken.


September 5, 2012. Tags: , , , . Politics.


  1. cmlion replied:

    Which of the 50,000 that can’t fit in the arena do you disinvite? Talk about petty.

    Yeah, I heard the other day the dog walked up to him and didn’t pet him. What a douche.

  2. teenna replied:

    I’m sorry it was canceled for them.

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