Requiring photo ID is “racist,” except when it’s done by the NAACP, Eric Holder’s Justice Department, unions, Obama’s campaign events, and other liberal organizations

Requiring photo ID is either racist – or not racist. It can’t be both.

Unfortunately, there is a huge double standard by those who claim that such a requirement is racist.

At a recent NAACP event,  NAACP President Ben Jealous claimed that requiring voter ID was racist. However, at that very same event, the NAACP required photo ID in order to get into the event in the first place.

Eric Holder and the Justice Department blocked Texas’s voter ID requirement, claiming that it was racist. However, the very same Justice Department requires photo ID for everyone who enters. So let’s say that someone is denied their right to vote because they don’t have voter ID, and they want to file a lawsuit at the Justice Department. But because they don’t have photo ID, they can’t get into the Justice Department in the first place.

In this video, beginning at 2:39, we see that the Justice Department requires photo ID for everyone who enters:

The same video also shows that you need photo ID in order to enter other organizations which claim that requiring voter ID is racist, including the Advancement Project (at 1:38), the Center for American Progress (2:08), and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (2:23).

This article from Politico includes the following photograph of a labor union that requires photo ID in order for its members to vote – but liberals don’t accuse this union of being racist:

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Britain, India, and South Africa all require photo ID in order to vote – but U.S. liberals don’t consider those countries’ requirements to be racist.

Illinois recently passed a law which requires buyers of drain cleaner to show photo ID – but liberals don’t accuse this requirement of being racist.

Michelle Obama requires photo ID in order to attend her book signings – but liberals don’t accuse her of being racist.

Barack Obama requires photo ID in order to attend his campaign events – but liberals don’t accuse him of being racist.

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  1. Marilyn Wade replied:

    nice presentation for courts. did lawyers use this enoght??

  2. mike replied:

    This is not a valid analogy. None of those other things are a right guaranteed by law. VOTING is.

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      I never said those things were rights guaranteed by law. What I did say was that if requiring photo ID is racist, then it is always racist – you can’t pick and choose when it’s racist and when it’s not racist.

      • Coach T replied:

        Sure THEY can,, It’s called Political Racism . They CAN USE IT ANYTIME THEY WANT,, No one or NO OTHER Party can say or do that,, Yep just the DNC. So tell me what is WRONG with this picture, I only hope ENOUGH Americans wake up before Nov 6th

    • Mark Close replied:

      The fallacy of everyone having the ‘Right’ to vote is just that .. a Fallacy!

      Do a Google search for Jesse Jackson’s .. “A Proposed Amendment to Establish a Constitutional Right to Vote in America”

      There IS NO ‘Right’ to vote!

  3. Edward replied:

    Isn’t it racist to mention that there is a double standard?

  4. raul replied:

    communist liberals make up the rules to whether it is racist or not depending on how it affects them! They know this,they just dont care because illegal voting is their main goal, if their a liberal they despise America and the American way and have the utmost contempt for our Constitution,simple as that!

  5. DYNAMOpolitics replied:

    Loved the video! Mind if I share it?

    I wrote my own take on the question of whether photo IDs are appropriate/needed a while back, might have to revisit the question soon, especially after the recent court rulings in TX:

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      The video isn’t mine. I always thought people put videos on YouTube because they wanted people to see them, and permission to share was implied.

      • DYNAMOpolitics replied:

        Yeah me too. If I share it I’ll credit you since I found it here anyway. Thanks for the post.

  6. Mark Close replied:

    It seems odd that these States never bring into the arguement that the SC ruled in 2008 that it is NOT unconstitutional to require voter ID and that it was the RIGHT of the states to require one!

  7. Rod from replied:

    Attorney General Eric Holder gave a speech today to the NAACP convention in Houston, TX on the evils of photo ID laws; yet, in order for the media to get in and cover the event, wait for it, wait for it i they needed to show photo ID. As accurately stated at Powerline, “liberals require identification to get access to anything they believe is important. Where they part company with us is that they do not think preventing voter fraud is important.

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