Feds might shut down pet business because the animals do what comes naturally

For the past twelve years in Richfield, Pennsylvania, a guy named Dean Moyer has earned a living by running a small business where he breeds gerbils and hamsters. He sells them to distributors, who, in turn, sell them to pet stores all over the country. Moyer uses the income from his business to support his wife and four children. He’s living the American dream.

Or at least he was. Now, thanks to the Obama administration, he’s living the American nightmare. In July 2012, the Obama administration told Moyer that it was planning to fine him $450,000.

And what is the fine for? It’s because the animals were doing what comes naturally. During a period of one week, less than 1% of the hamsters died. Also, their living area had the odor of urine. I raised gerbils when I was a teenager, and those things cannot be prevented. You can’t stop them from peeing – and you can’t stop them from dying. It’s what they do – it’s completely natural.

Moyer can’t afford to pay the nearly half million dollar fine, so he may end up having to shut down his business.

Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” – and it looks like this is one of his examples.

August 5, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , . Police state, Politics.

One Comment

  1. chaoticscribbles replied:

    Oh no this is terrible! The logic behind this decision seems flawed! Surely whoever inspect this guys business has never had a pet before!

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