Here’s the best method for handling a telemarketer

Lots of YouTube videos claim to be the “best” way to handle a telemarketer – but this one really does deserve that label. This is, by far, the best one that I have ever seen:

Best Prank Call Ever by Tom Mabe


August 4, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , , . Humor.


  1. Iam Great replied:

    people who make cold calls are working hard to make a living. it’s realy pathetic that this is suppose to be funny…..

  2. sirselah replied:

    Ha ha, a total classic. Still love it after all these years.

  3. hinckleybuzzard replied:

    Silly. When the caller asks “How are you?” Which they always do, just say
    “I’m busy, please don’t call back.” Then hang up. Five seconds, no muss no fuss.

  4. c.w. replied:

    the GD morons always call back day after day like a bunch of idiots the lowest from of JOB in the world and they should be call FLIES they eat s–t and bother people

  5. Snooky Flycatcher replied:

    I agree with Iam Great. these folks are doing a job they really don’t like but MUST earn a living and in YOUR President Of***you’s economy, they are doing whatever job they can get to feed their family. Hopefully, someday, you will be in the same position and perhaps then you may understand why people do this kind of work. As for the “shit eating fly” who commented earlier: I hope yo get it double.

  6. Michael Dwells replied:

    I know how you guys feel. I used to be polite to telemarketers because I know, they’re just doing their job. So when I get calls from them, I politely say NO, and hang up. But guess what? Being nice to them only gives them a reason to call you some more. There was a time when just in a day, I got 29 calls from the same company.Can you imagine how ANNOYED I must have felt? And that did not include calls from OTHER companies. It was just… frustrating. You keep asking them to remove you from their call list and they keep calling you. I’m on the DNC, I already complained to the FTC, all to no avail. Most of the telemarketing businesses violate the law and I think that’s NOT acceptable work ethics.

    After a lot of patience, I realized, I’m not obligated to put up with these NUISANCE callers. They take my time, INVADE MY PRIVACY and FORCE their products on me-products that I DO NOT NEED. And I figured, I’d just waste their time so they’d be sorry they called me. So that’s what I do now. Waster their time and not buy anything. Then I report their phone number to http:/// to share a warning,

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