The new method of “teaching” math leaves students ignorant and uneducated

I came across this video which compares the traditional methods of teaching multiplication and division to the new methods. The new methods are deliberately dumbed down, the textbooks claim it’s a waste of time for students to try to master math concepts, and use of calculators is heavily encouraged.

The narrator concludes by telling parents that they should ignore these new methods, and instead, use the math textbooks that are currently being used in Singapore.

Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth

July 31, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , . Education, Math.

One Comment

  1. RalphPierre replied:

    Communist Core is NOT about Education…it is about Control.
    Once the Socialists and Educrats in Washington, D.C. have COMPLETE control of all education, they will indoctrinate YOUR children in what THEY think your Children SHOULD learn…Socialism. Communism.

    If Common Core Lives, Freedom Dies.

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