An Obama supporter from 2008 has a conversation with the 2012 version of herself

This video is amazing. An optimistic and enthusiastic Obama supporter from 2008 talks to the 2012 version of herself:

July 27, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Politics.


  1. hkw replied:

    I was never that delusional back then.
    I new he was going to be a failure right from the beginning and NO it’s not because I am a racist PERIOD!
    Right from the beginning I saw BS and called it BS! Where he is trying and sadly succeeding in taking us is socialism / marxism total destruction of the constitution and every thing that we have fought for.
    I just hope that the ones who really care step up to defend it before the time comes and there is nothing at all left to defend.

    PS: I am ready!

  2. John Q. Conservative replied:

    Amazing indeed, nice to see people learn from their mistakes.

  3. stratocentric replied:

    Quit posting this garbage on every page on Free Republic. Your blog sucks.

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