Trial lawyers successfully sue on behalf of people who poured gasoline onto fires.

This is completely ridiculous, but it appears to be how our current legal system works.

The Wall St. Journal reports:

“Until recently, Blitz USA—the nation’s No. 1 consumer gasoline-can producer, based in Miami, Oklahoma—was doing fine… Then the trial attorneys hit on an idea with trial-lawyer logic: They could sue Blitz when someone poured gas on a fire (for instance, to rekindle the flame) and the can exploded… Blitz paid around $30 million to defend itself, a substantial sum for a small company. Of course, Blitz’s product liability insurance costs spiked. In June, Blitz filed for bankruptcy. All 117 employees will lose their jobs…”

Something needs to be changed to our laws to prevent this kind of absurdity from happening.

July 23, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , . Dumb lawsuits, Politics.


  1. Peter Goodson replied:

    I am sure this is just a rare case

  2. C S Buck replied:

    “A rare case”? It happens more often than you think. Do a little research. This one put a great U.S. company out of business. Now we have to buy a far more inferior product from overseas. Much like many products(light bulbs for one) that can’t be built in the U.S. because of dumb things like this, & our own government.

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