Ewww! Hawaiian Punch has switched to using sucralose.

Hawaiian Punch has switched to using sucralose.

I’m not talking about the “diet” version – I’m talking about the regular version. Some (but not all) of the high fructose corn syrup (which is worse than sugar) has been replaced with sucralose. The result is that the drink is less thick than it used to be, and there’s also an aftertaste.

The switch a long time ago from sugar to high frucstose corn syrup was already bad enough – the introduction of sucralose is far worse.

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  1. Bill replied:

    This is despicable, and many companies are following suit. I think the motivation is twofold: one, they can tout a lower calorie count on the bottle (you may have noticed that they have a big “only 70 calories per serving!” on the label) and two, I suspect that sucralose might be cheaper than sugar or hfcs.

  2. vinnie.cappiello@gmail.com replied:

    Ugh. I am sooo tired of this trend. Most of my favorite drinks are being contaminated with artifical sweeteners. And the company’s doing it are SNEAKY. I can always tell by the taste, espically when it’s a drink I have been enjoying for decades, like Hawaiian Punch. They never list it in the ingredient list until the very bottom, and Sucralose is usually the culprit. Bring back to original formula please, with NATURAL sugar, and let me decide what is healthy for my body please.

  3. guest replied:

    This hawian punch is disgusting. I won’t be buying any of it EVER!!!!!!!

  4. Dick Sucker replied:

    Hawaiian punch and most other soft drinks taste like garbage and they wonder why sales are slumping.

  5. forwhatimustwrite replied:

    You know those artificial sweeteners are supposed to really bad for you. Even worse than actual sugar, but yeah I’d agree that it’s disgraceful that they started using it in Hawaiian Punch.

    • Othniel Graichen replied:

      Not just really bad for you. Poison.

  6. Rene replied:

    Such a shame! One of the greatest drinks of all time. Now there is less of it on store shelves they must be loosing market share. All to be politically correct?! Terrible. I won’t be buying it any more unless they go back to the original recepie. 😭 sad 😭

  7. Torre Sims replied:

    I noticed the taste of the new HP years ago. They use to have a Normal HP along with a “Less Sugar” version. Now the the original taste like the latter, but wit a tart after taste. Same thing happened to Sierra Mist. I think they’re finding cheap alternatives to sugar. Sodas do it to, but they’re not stupid enough to totally change their product (Sierra Mist notwithstanding). Pepsi still tastes like Pepsi, likewise Coke. Juice brands don’t seem to be that lucky.

  8. Torre Sims replied:

    BTW if you want a good alternative try Welch’s Fruit Punch

    • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

      Thanks for the recommendation!

      • ReneinMiami replied:

        Try “Minute Made Fruit Punch” it now tastes the same as the original Hawaiian Punch tasted.

      • danfromsquirrelhill replied:

        Thank you for the recommendation.

  9. Robyn replied:

    Just discovered this today! Obviously, I haven’t had Hawaiian Punch in many years; I too a sip and blech! NASTY. Never again.

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